Mangaluru: Locals Stage Protest Against Setting-up Toll Gate at Suratkal

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Mangaluru: Locals staged a protest against setting-up of a toll gate on NH-66 near NITK, Surathkal here on March 20.

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is planning to set-up a toll gate on NH-66 near NITK, Surathkal. The locals have opposed the NHAI’s plan and have staged a protest. A signature campaign was also undertaken in this regard.

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One of the protester said that the NHAI is planning to set up a toll gate in Suratkal which is a violation of the rules since a toll gate cannot be set-up within the Mangaluru City Corporation limits. He also said that the road is not new and is being used from many years. “How can the NHAI collect the toll for this road? We will not allow the NHAI to set up the toll gate in Suratkal.”

He further said that the Mangaluru City Corporation has recently passed a resolution about the distance of the toll gate, stating that there should be atleast 8 kilometers of distance between the toll gates. “If the NHAI will set up a Toll gate in Suratkal, it will be a clear violation of the rules.” Protesters also said that most of the people use this road everyday and it will be a burden for them to pay the toll.

The National Highway authorities had brought a JCB to start the work but the protesters did not allow them to carry out the work. ACP Ravi Kumar arrived at the spot with his team to control the situation. NHAI has given a contract to Ircon company to set up the toll gate.

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