Mangaluru: Major Breakthrough in Exposure of Midbrain Activation

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Mangaluru: We have been having doubts about the stunts of the Midbrain activators on how they brainwash or browbeat children into lying that they are seeing through blindfolds when they are actually peeking through the gaps between the nose and the blindfold because anyone who knows the basics of human physiology knows that the light must fall on the retina for one to see anything. Today the doubts were put to rest.

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There was an interaction with children at a state level summer camp at Mangalore. There was a discussion about Midbrain activation and I showed some videos of children showing stunts of blindfolded sight etc. That was followed by an actual demonstration by one of our boys who had been ‘midbrain activated’. He read things with ease with blind fold, identified things and did all the things that the midbrain activated videos showed! At that juncture the children in the audience told me that one of them had undergone midbrain activation and would read through the blindfold.

I invited him to the dais and put two eye patches on him and asked him to read anything through them. He was totally flummoxed and said that he cannot see anything. At that juncture the children in the audience were furious. They shouted at him and told him that he was a cheat. They were right because just a few days ago he had shown his superpower to the same audience by claiming that he had a third eye through which he could see even if his other two were closed! The hero had become a zero in a few seconds and those who had held him in high esteem wanted to stone him! I calmed them and asked him to explain he said that he and his younger brother were sent to Mumbai from Udupi by one Shetty who is an agent for a Midbrain activation shop of Mumbai.

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They had spent 24,000 rupees for each and 6,000 for other expenses. When the public pressure came the boy admitted that though he had been peeking through the blind fold, he had been instructed by the teachers of the Midbrain activation enterprise to lie that he had been seeing through the blind fold by special powers! He apologized to all for having lied to them and told them not to waste money on this mirage of Midbrain activation.

So, what we have been doubting all this time is true. The children are being misled into lying to the world at large, including their parents about this ‘blind fold seeing through Midbrain activation’. This is probably for the first time in the history of this scam that a child has told the reality and it should be the beginning of the downfall of this Midbrain activation industry which has been built totally on lies, deception and cheating of innocent children and ignorant parents.I have been told that the parents of these children are contemplating legal action against those who have cheated them and we have promised them full support if they want to do so.

Note: The name of the boy has been withheld as he is a minor and the photo has been masked to protect his identity.

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