Mangaluru: Man Flying Abroad Misses Flight after Petty Brawl at Pumpwell!

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Mangaluru: A petty brawl over overtaking between the crew of a bus andflightmiss-m occupants of an airport-bound car at Pumpwell here on Tuesday night turned serious, leading to police intervention.

A car from Kanhangad, Kerala, said to be carrying a Gulf-bound passenger and others, was being hurriedly driven towards Pumpwell on its way to the airport here.

Just like many other drivers, the driver of a bus which was ahead of him, did not give way to them even after honking incessantly, over a long distance.

They already had an exchange of gestures near the Netravati bridge. Finally, the car overtook the bus and stopped in front of it near the Indiana hospital in Pumpwell to question the driver about it. A heated argument led to physical assault between the crew of the bus and the occupants of the car.

The police were informed. Rural police SHO Pramod Kumar and team arrived and took the occupants and bus staff into custody for interrogation. Those in the car appeared to have been under the influence of alcohol, hence they were sent for medical examination.

In the bargain, the man who was to take the flight missed it and is now facing police inquiry.

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  1. “Those in the car appeared to have been under the influence of alcohol…” – report describing gulf-bound passengers from Republic of Kasaragodu.

    Talk about priorities in life!! On the day of travelling abroad, consume plenty alcohol, run late and get into a fist fight with local bus crew on the way!! Great!! LOL Only thing I want to know is – How many of those in the car were previously caught in either gold smuggling or illegal cattle trafficking cases?

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