Mangaluru: Milagres Church Nativity of BVM Feast Procession showed Less Support from Parishioners

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Mangaluru: Have you noticed in Mangaluru that when temple authorities or Saffron groups call for Hindus to join in any Hindu processions, Hindus turn up in large numbers, in thousands, no matter rain or shine, thereby showing their support to make the procession or convention a grand success. But on the other hand, when there is a Catholic procession or a convention, in spite of repeated requests from the Diocese or Church management, the response from the faithful is not so pleasing, or for that matter not good – and here is one such example of a procession that took place this morning to mark the feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, starting from KMC-Attavar location and winding up at Milagres Church.

I don’t know what other think about the size/participants in this Nativity of BVM procession, but according to me the crowd should have been much more than those showed up, since Milagres parish is a big parish with thousands of parishioners. Even though I belong to a different parish I was there early morning to click some photos, in spite of rain. One parishioner commented saying that because of the rainy weather many didn’t show up for the procession. Come on, this is a harvest feast, and rain is part of it. If all these parishioners could take part in the procession, not worrying about the weather-how come the rest stayed at home. The support of the faithful is very much needed in such kind of religious events, to show to rest of the community that there is a unity between the Catholics and the Church. But I feel sorry to say that didn’t happened today.

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I still remember the Parish Priest of Milagres Church, Fr Valerian D’Souza during the last Sunday Mass announcement repeatedly requesting the parishioners to come in large numbers to take part in the procession, since the response in the past processions had been low- but I guess no one took Fr D’Souza’s message very seriously to join in today’s Nativity of BVM procession- that’s sad!

In conclusion, to all the parishioners of Milagres Church and others from different parishes who supported and joined in today’s Nativity of BVM procession I say thank you from the bottom of my heart- you all showed that you cared for the Church and the feast. And for the rest who stayed home this time, I kindly request you please join the procession next year, and make next year’s Nativity procession a grand success with huge participation. I thank you well in advance, and anticipate your presence at the next year’s procession-no excuses please!

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