Mangaluru: Minister Khader Visits Construction Site at Farangipet and Netaji Hospital

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Mangaluru: Minister for Health and family welfare U T Khader visited the construction spot where three men were buried alive at Farangipet here on July 16.

After visiting the spot at Pudu, in Farangipet,  Khader  advised the builder to build a retaining wall as there is a risk for two houses which are adjacent to the construction site. As the risk of those houses collapsing is high, Minister Khader advised to construct a retaining wall as soon as possible.

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The employees who were buried alive in the landslide were from Bangaldesh. The bodies are kept in the mortuary for investigation.

U T Khader also visited the Netaji hospital and met the victim who was attacked by miscreants when he was returning home on July 15 at 9:30 pm.

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After meeting the victim Pradeep at the hospital, U T Khader spoke to the Assistant Commissioner of Police Kalyan Shetty and ordered to take necessary action against the miscreants. Khader also spoke to the ACP and said that there are assaults on innocents often at Talapady, Ullal and near by areas which should be curbed.

Khader assured the victim Pradeep of providing justice. ACP Kalyan Shetty assured to take action against the culprits who attacked Pradeep on July 15, when he was returning home after his duty.

Later Minister Khader took part in the Iftar get-together at Kawalkatte, Bantwal organized by Hidayat Foundation.

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