Mangaluru: Miscreants Pelt Stones, Damage stained window glass of Rama Bhajana Mandir

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Mangaluru: Some miscreants pelted stones at the stained window glass that were recently fixed at the Rama Bhajana Mandir at Krishnapura, Suratkal here, on June 2.


temple-stone (1) temple-stone (2) temple-stone (3)

 According to sources, it is learnt that the authorities of the Bhajana Mandir spent around Rs 25,000 on each glass and fixed them on both sides of the Bhajana Mandir. At around 1:30 am on June 2, some miscreants pelted stones and damaged the glass.

The incident came to light in the morning when the authorities came to the Bhanjana Mandir. A case has been registered in the Suratkal Police Station and investigation is on.

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  1. Let’s sit back and see if the same haters who cried a lot during recent ‘church attacks’ have anything to say about this incident!! smiles… I doubt if this news even makes it to local Prajaavani at state level!! After all, it’s important to apply different standards to different groups. Then you wonder why Modiji went onto become Pradhaana Sevaka destroying the ‘vote bank’ politics of Congress party!! smiles..

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