Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza Hands Over Cheque of Rs 2 Lakh to Dayakar Bangera

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Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza paid a visit to Dayakar Bangera’s house and handed him a cheque of Rs 2 lakh from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund at Maroli here, on February 22.

Ivan said, “When I was made aware of the condition of Dayakar Bangera, I decided to help him by approaching the CM. When I requested Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for help, he sanctioned Rs 2 lakh as relief for Dayakar Bangera.”

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Ivan advised Dayakar Bangera not to spend the money and asked him to deposit the amount in the bank. “I have made arrangements so that Dayakar will receive an interest of about Rs 1700 per month on this amount from the bank. This money can be used by him to meet a part of his monthly expenses. Further if he requires more medical assistance, he can approach me again,” he added.

“In my tenure as a MLC, I have secured about Rs 2.84 crore from the CM’s Relief Fund and have utilized that money towards the needy. I thank Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and God for giving me this opportunity to help Dayakar,” he said. Ivan also promised to help Dayakar set up a shop in the city.

Many neighbours and friends of Dayakar were also present and very happy to see MLC Ivan showing concern towards the needy.

Speaking about the autorickshaw stand at Kankanady, Ivan said, “The purpose of the rickshaw stand at Kankanady was to benefit the rickshaw drivers. If they are not using it as a rickshaw stand then it can be used by the two-wheelers as parking space. The aim of the building anyway is to benefit the public,” he added.

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  1. There is a saying in Catholic Faith. What you give in one hand should not be known to other hand. Why all this show. After all it is Tax Payers money. Public should be thanked for this favor.

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