Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza Inaugurates ‘INLAND Espana’ at Bejai

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Mangaluru: The Completed project of Inland, ‘Espana’ was inaugurated at Bejai here on June 6.

Member of the state Legislative Council, Ivan D’Souza inaugurated the building by cutting the ribbon.

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Speaking on the occasion, Ivan D’Souza said that while some builders show an exaggerated representation of what their building will look like, the end product always looks slightly different. “But in the case of Inland, every single one of their projects looks like the building was made first and then the photo was taken; the final product is the exact copy of the one that they envisioned. I want more projects like this to come up in Mangaluru and its surrounding areas. So that the vision of a smart city that we have planned for Mangaluru becomes true.” He concluded and wished Inland success in their future projects.

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BJP Jagadish Adhikari speaking on the occasion said, “The quality of Inland builders is such that they should be renamed as Inland International. Their buildings have world class quality and allows the residents to have the best experience. The surroundings are also good and since the Bejai new road is an important road in the city, it provides residents quick access to various facilities.”

Chairman and managing director, Siraj thanked everyone. He said that the building was named Espana, a Spanish word which means parliamentarian, in honour of former Defence Minister George Fernandes who lived in the land where the new Inland building “Espana” stands now.

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  1. Congratulations to Inland Buildings of Mangalore for joining the team of many other Builders and creating an additional feather on the bonnet of Architecture in Mungalooru. The buildings are increasing and the design and quality of architecture is also changing for better thereby creating additional charm for the City of Mangalore.

    As Shriman Ivan D'[Souza indicated, it is nice for Inland Builders to be transformed into Inland International. Adaption towards the Building codes in the International world is slightly different from that prevailing in India. For instance, the United States has different codes and different restrictions attached to any kind of architecture that is introduced on any land that anyone wishes to develop into a Housing or a Business or even a Recreational concept. Development of broad roads with suitable provision for power lines, water lines, gas lines, telephone lines, and even fire hydrants for fire hazards is all a MUST before any permit issued for any other development. Each and every development is attached with a

    Even when the construction of any development is commenced, the City demands that under no circumstances the daily life of the City is disturbed in any form, including the normal passage for human beings to pass without any hindrance or safety hazard. Anykind from the construction debris has to be removed without fail. Non-compliance of any of the above Rules are heavily fined and therefore any or all construction of any kind or size have to abide by the Rules. Any deviation of City Codes due to any under-hand dealings will face serious consequences including imprisonment. It is a fascinating experience to witness the code of ethics that go along with building of any dwellings in the United States. Above all the above factors, even the ENVIRONMENTAL requirements are strictly maintained so that there is no pollution of any kind due to any kind of violation.

    All these factors are very important for any consideration when it comes to construction. That is why and how the Towns, Cities and the Mega Cities are designed and implemented. All these requirements are so very useful for a short term and long term life of a Community as a whole. Once the project of any construction is completed then comes the collection of garbage and disposal. The State, the City and the Community are all part of the “Maintenance and Order” for people to live and live happily with systems and order. God bless the Inland Builderrs in all their future endeavors.

  2. Here is another feather in the cap of Siraj Ahmed. Siraj has always been known for his quality of work and has put up any number of buildings in and around Mangalore. He is well known for his sincerity of heart and mind. He was the one who put up the tallest building in Bondel a few moths ago. Starting as a simple but honest and determined builder over thirty years ago he has come a long way and is today is A PERSON OF NAME AND FAME not only in Mangalore but all over Karnataka and perhaps India.

    Siraj is blessed with great qualities of heart and mind and is now fully supported by his two sons. There is an old saying that BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN there is a WOMAN. Here we have Naina the loving and faithful wife and life’s companian for Siraj who has stood by him through think and thin.

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