Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza Leads Protest Against Suspension of 25 Congress MPs

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Mangaluru: Members of the Congress party staged a protest against the suspension of 25 Congress MPs from the Lok Sabha near the District Congress Office here, on August 4.

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Addressing the protesters, MLC Ivan D’Souza said, “Our MPs took a stand against all the scams happening in the country and so they were suspended. This is a black day for democracy. It is our right to speak out against injustice. The BJP government understood that the voices of our MPs would not be silenced and so, when the MPs raised their voices for justice, they were suspended. But they cannot stop our voices. The Congress party will protest throughout the country.”

Kodijal said, “The party will protest in all districts in Karnataka. We have the right to speak when the government does wrong and our voices will not be silenced.”

P V Mohan said, “Modi has shown that he is a Maut ka Saudagar.

Later, the protesters shouted slogans against the Central government.


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