Mangaluru: MP Nalin Kumar Kateel Inaugurates International Yoga Day at Sanghaniketan

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Mangaluru: The international yoga day was observed at Sanghaniketan, Mannagudda here, on June 21.

The programme was inaugurated by MP Nalin Kumar Kateel by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.

Addressing the gathering, MP Nalin Kumar said that yoga is good for health. “Those who do yoga are the healthiest people. Yoga keeps those who practice it away from stress.” He urged everyone gathered to practice yoga everyday. He also said, “The Prime Minister wants the country to be healthy; let us all practice yoga and create a healthy society and country.”

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Former CMD of Karnataka bank, Ananthkrishna speaking on the occasion said that in the country, 95% of the population is facing health problems. “But we are not trying to find out why. The reason is we are going against nature. We get fresh air from the nature but we cut down the trees which give us fresh air to breath. Through yoga, we can get fresh air. We have to start a loving nature by practicing yoga in our day-to-day life.” He also said that June 21 is the longest day in the Calendar and also “we are observing the Fathers day”. He congratulated all the fathers on the occasion.

Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat said that to be healthy we need to understand our inner problems.”We have to remove bad thoughts from our minds. When we understand ourselves and try to correct our mistakes, we will be healthy.” He further said that Indians follow Yoga to keep stress away. “Medical science that says out of 100 people, seventy percent of them suffer from mental disease, due to jealousy, revenge and greed. Yoga will keep all these problems away. Our PM announced to observe June 21 as International Yoga Day and the entire world agreed to observe it. We have to see whether we have the desire to observe this day as Yoga Day. Many Indians go to the gym. Yoga came to us from our ancestors and has been proven to keep one healthy. Let us all observe Yoga day and make this world a better place to live in.”

Sanchalak of RSS Dr Vaman Shenoy said that to be healthy, we need a minimum 7.22 hours of sleep. “But we are not getting the time to take rest. Man has become greedy and selfish which is the root cause of all the sickness. We are trying to get rich. Yoga is a part of Indian culture, which keeps us healthy. Let us all practice yoga in our life and be healthy.”

Srinivas Prabhu delivered the vote of thanks. Capt Ganesh Karnik, Yogish Bhat and others were also present.

Mangaluru: The international yoga day was observed at Canara High School, Mannagudda here, on June 21.

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Capt Ganesh Karnik inaugurated the Yoga day by lightiing the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries.

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