Mangaluru: MP Nalin Kumar Kateel Inaugurates Renovated RMS Office and ATM

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Mangaluru: The renovated Railway Mail Service (RMS) office was inaugurated at the Central Railway Station here, on July 10.

The programme began with an invocation. MP Nalin Kumar Kateel inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp with other dignitaries on the dais.

Senior Superintendent of Railway Ministry Sanna Naika welcomed the gathering. Briefing on the Railway Mail Service, Sanna Naika said, “RMS is a mail transportation service. At present, there are 421 RMS offices in India. RMS acts as a lifeline in Indian Postal Service. It handles the largest bulk of mail consignments in the nation like speed posts, registered letters, parcels etc. It was very unfortunate that the RMS office was completely neglected. The condition of the second floor was pathetic and walls were cracked, basic facilities were not upto the mark but MP Nalin Kumar Kateel took the initiative to renovate the building. The MP also assured to release funds for the renovation of the building and within a few months the RMS office was renovated and upgraded. He also thanked MP Nalin Kumar for his initiative and help”.

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In his inaugural speech, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel said, “Postal service always keeps the people around the world connected but the facilities in the Railway Mail Service were not upto the mark. When we were small people used to wait for the post man for letters from their dear ones. But now, everything has been digitalized. People are connecting with their dear and near ones through modern gadgets. On July 1, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Digital India’ project to reform governance through technology. Digital India will aim for the all round growth in electronic products, manufacturing, services and to create job opportunities.”

“Last year, when I visited this office, it was in pathetic condition. There was leakage from the roof and the toilets were not maintained well. After visiting the RMS office, I realized that a face-lift of the office was necessary. In Mangaluru, under the Digital India programme, we have launched the ATM at the Pandeshwar branch of the post office. The RMS office has been renovated and inaugurated and now it is the duty of the staff to maintain it well.”

Post Master General S Rajendra Kumar also spoke on the occasion. Jagadish Pai, DG Nayak and others were also present.

Later a press meet was held at the RMS office premises. Addressing the mediapersons, Post Master General S Rajendra Kumar shared the initiatives taken by the Department of Posts under the Prime Minister’s dream project ‘Digital India’, which was launched on 1st July 2015. In view of the digital environment of the present day, the need for change is real. Customers expect and demand quick and free service. In order to achieve this, the Department of Posts is adopting core banking, rural information and communication technology, core system integrator, etc. Under the core banking project, the aim is to bring all the post offices in India under one network. This helps the customers to make transactions at any post office in India. This will also provide 24 hour withdrawal facility to the account holders.

He further said, “Out of 1,30,000 post offices which are located in rural areas throughout the country, 3810 belong to this region. These branch post offices are being brought under the network with Sub and Head post offices by adopting state of the art technology. 400 rural post offices in the country have been identified for the implementation of Rural Information and Communication Technology, and this process is expected to be completed by Nov 2015. By adopting this technology, rural post offices will be able to deliver better services to the customers and the rural customers will be able to get the services that are available in urban areas. The Department of Posts is eager to contribute to the Prime Minister’s dream project ‘Digital India’ by playing an important role.”

When asked about the details regarding the Post office ATM, he replied, “As of now, only post office account holders can transact through India Post ATMs. Various services are available like cash withdrawal, Fast cash, Balance enquiry, Funds transfer, Pin change, etc. The minimum balance required for issue of ATM card is just Rs 500.”
Jagdish Pai and others were also present in the press meet.

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  1. So…this is what our MP N.Kumaara is doing? Inaugurating ATMs ? Oh God! When is he going to do some ‘shrama daana’ by cleaning local streets and surroundings? Or, does he need a kick from Pradhaana sevaka before doing something productive?

    • When I refer to imaginary god to make a point, it doesn’t turn me into another god-fearing, religious guy. – Original RampaNNA

      Pyarelallu Rampu,

      Please don’t confer more titles on yourself and heap praises on you (Eg. my posts are brilliant, I wrote a superior post, I’m Father Superior, one-two-ka-four – my name is Rampa etc).

      You know ya Rampa, you remind me of that Joker called Idi Amin who conferred titles on himself such as – “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular”, in addition to his officially-stated claim of being the uncrowned King of Scotland

      The other day all I said was something like -“Finally, Rampa has started believing in God” and there you go giving certificates to yourself such as “God-fearing, religious guy” etc.

      Good joke ya Rampa. More please. 🙂

    • Or, does he need a kick from Pradhaana sevaka before doing something productive? – Original Rampa on Nalin Kumar

      Err Rampa, MAYBE it should be the OTHER way round?

      You see, our 56 Inch Emperor is almost on the verge of getting NRI status. He has been out of the country so often extending lines-of-credit left, right and centre straight that he can’t even remember his address, PAN card and Aadhar Card nos.

      He and his chamchas went on and on about they would get back black money within 100 days and disburse approx. 15 Lacs to each and every Indian (Unfortunately, you were excluded ya Rampa because you did padhrad to the West many years back). He and his shameless coterie of manthris said that they would bring back Dawood Ibrahim, try him and tar and feather him and parade him around the ‘Laal Kila’. The Pradhana Sevaka went on and on like a broken record muttering – “Na Khaaoonga, Na Khilane Doonga”.

      And the results EVEN after almost 14 months………..? Shoonya ya Rampa. When will he ever do anything productive besides give speeches and distributing Dhoklas from Mongolia to Mauritania?

      No 15 lacs in my account…. Dawood Ibru is playing Golf in Karachi and Dubai and Sushma, Vasu raje, Vyapam accused are all busy ‘Khaaoing’.

      So just think over what I said ya RampaNNA. I know you don’t like it when somebody points fingers at your Lord and master. But then, I always believe in calling a Rampa a RAMPA.

      Jai Rampa’ji Ki.
      Jai ‘productive’ Pradhana Sevaka Ki.

      • Joker Praveena Pinto,
        Sri Modiji came to power in 2014. You want him to fix every problem in a year? Well, in a way, it shows the high level of expectations you have from him. I guess it’s a refreshing change compared to low expectations we had from your congress party!! And, why are you worried about his visits to different countries to consolidate and solidify our alliance with different key international players? Your rejected US visa experience and years spent in Saudi farms don’t necessarily make you an expert on international politics. LOL

        • Sri Modiji came to power in 2014. You want him to fix every problem in a year? – PyareLallu Rampu

          Arre Rampu,

          Forget about a year ya Rampa. EVEN before he came to power, he cuckolded the gullible masses by promising the following:

          1. Return of Black money (from ‘phoreen’ op coj) within 100 days and then distributing it WITHIN 150 days to all citizens of India (MINUS you, op coj).

          2. The arrest of your best friend – Dawooda Ibraheema. (The fellow is still playing Golf in Karachi and sipping his cognac with impunity everywhere else EXCEPT in India).

          3. The Pradhana Sevaka said he would not take bribes or EVEN allow his chamchas to take them. As sure as you are wearing dhogla chaddis and he is feasting on dhoklas, his party members are feasting, eating and making merry. (As compared to our PM distributing money to even Mongolians while our ex-servicemen are crying for equitable pensions). The PM had promised to pass the OROP bill EVEN before he came to power.

          What has happened EVEN after 14 months? More ‘phoreen’ trips? Signing MoU’s with Mongolia and lending them money…. err.. what for? Shaking hands with Nawaz Shareef and handing over Lakhvi’s voice samples for the N+1th time? Voicing rhetoric from ‘MaddySon’ square to Nehru maidan? Reminding people like you how ASHAMED Indians were to be born in India so that they could run away to some ‘phoreen’ land to earn a few cents more?

          Arre Rampa.. he has been asking people to “Make in India”. At least make a TRIP to India if you can’t do anything more. Spend a few paisas. I’m quite sure that banks such as JP Morgan Chase Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup etc won’t mind a bit when you spend a few paisas in India. Modi NEEDS YOU ya Rampu. 🙂

          So, what are YOU waiting for ya Rampa? bale.. Bale… bega India’g bale.

          Btw, did you get any proof regarding my allegedly rejected US visa? Did you contact your favourite joint – Mangalooru Vimaana Nildhana Customs officials?

          Grow up ya Rampa.

        • Your rejected US visa experience and years spent in Saudi farms don’t necessarily make you an expert on international politics. LOL. – Rampa

          Proof ya Rampa? Talk is CHEAP!

          Did you contact YOUR nearest US ‘outpost’? And can YOU provide some proof of your allegations about my allegedly rejected US Visa? Your Pradhana Sevaka’s REJECTED visa is well documented.

          Anyway, why restrict loose some free-tailwind………… when because you have ample room via your Jhomblass chaddis to let go of it? Aren’t YOU in the LAND of the FREE? Smiles….

          JUST do it ya Rampa. Phhrrrwwwwtttt… Brooom…… 🙂

    • Well said Original Paimaam, Modi does not need any MP’s to legislate or govern, for they are irrelevant under Modi’s “Democracy”!

  2. Sri Modiji came to power in 2014. You want him to fix every problem in a year? -Mr.Original Pai to Mr.Praveen

    Sir, Well Pregnancy in women has confirm delivery date. However since Modi sarkar came to power everything including “shocking admission” by BJP chief Amit Shah that the promise to deposit Rs 15 lakh in bank account of every family was just an ‘Jumala'(electoral gimmick).

    What are action taken by Narendra Modi against corruption?

    Nothing- on the contrary he is supporting corruption…how can you fight against your bankers (companies who give BJP funding for advertising in public elections).

    He has not even taken action against Robert Vadra (who looted farmers land) but decided to provide him Z+ security Ramdev, Mohan Madhukar Bhagawat and Sangeet som on tax payer’s money off course and provided travel documents to Lalit Modi who embezzled Rs.7 Billion “humane” nature and “nationalistic” spirit.

    A PM on globetrotting says Na Khaunga, Na Khane Dunga! his ‘Zero’ tolerance against corruption. Modiji Phir Itne Toilets Ki Kya Jarurat?

    And guess who has he arrested – young students/professionals for small jokes against him on social media, with corrupt politicians and others ………sit next to him in parliament.

    He decided to increase the rail fare by over 14.2% within 29 days, while Indian Railway lost 5000 Crores because of corruption by Iron Ore exporters.

    He is for the CORPORATE WORLD…and people who still can not see that are stupid.

    It won’t surprise me seeing Nalin Kumar cutting ribbons……… having affairs and devoted his time to ‘Virat Hindu Samajotsava.Like pradhan sevaks his followers Na boloonga, Na bol ne doonga.

    Jai Hind

    • Sharia Shaikh – Your rambling makes no sense. Let’s make this very simple. Let’s see if you can answer these simple questions:

      1. Do you think that Pakistan is engaged in anti-Indian activities ?
      2. Do you think Dawood Ibrahim is India’s enemy ?
      3. Do you think Pak was behind 26/11 mumbai attacks?
      4. Do you think Pincode Pai is a Pagan and he worships false gods?

  3. Dear readers,

    What can one expect from ‘party of difference’ shining India showing silver star on the distance sky and then saying that is ‘Jumla’.

    They are only good in blaming Congress 60 years rule. While better only ‘Shilanyasa’ ,demolition and watching …
    After all great reprieve for BJP club MLA’s after Supreme court ruling. Now they will ask wide screen to keep them awake in boring debates.

    Jai hind

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