Mangaluru: Mumbai-bound Bus Owners Fail to Keep Promise – Drivers Stage Protest

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Mangaluru: Drivers and the CITU jointly staged a protest in front of the Canara Pinto Travels office, Milagres here on January 6.





Addressing the protesters CITU leader Sunil Kumar Bajal said that the owner of a Mumbai-bound bus along with a group of men assaulted driver Vijay Kumar (38) on January 1, when he was on his way to Mumbai. Bus drivers refused to work after the assault. After the re-conciliatory talks between the staff and the owners, the bus drivers agreed to resume duty. The owners of the Mumbai-bound buses assured to do justice with the driver and to also look into the allowances by 11.30 a.m.  But now the owners are acting rude with the drivers.  Sunil Kumar demanded that justice be done with the driver Vijay Kumar and that proper allowances are provided. If the owners will not agree, we will not end our protest, he assured.

Addressing the protesters Yadav said that the owners are rich today and they are enjoying their lives because of the drivers’ hard work and dedication.  But they do not think about the welfare of the drivers, who worked for them to get such wealth. “We will not tolerate the double standards of the Mumbai-bound bus owners. We want the owners to fulfill our demands, failing which we will intensify our protest.”

Vasanth Achari, Imtiyaz and others bus drivers were also present.

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