Mangaluru: Muslims themselves are Victims of Terrorism – Sufi M K Chishty

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Mangaluru: Sufi M K Chishty held a press meet at the Circuit House here on April 9.

Addressing the mediapersons Gujarat Haj Committee chairman Sufi M K Chishty said, “I am happy to say that not a single person in the world from Sufism became a terrorist, because all Sufi leaders believe in humanity, love and unity. Prophet Mohmmed had clearly taught peace, but due to the mis-interpretation by some people, today there are certain countries where the fire of terrorism burns. Recently, I had attended a inter-religious meeting, and Islam and terrorism was discussed there. Those who take up violence are not Muslims, even if they have Muslim names. A true Muslim follows the Quran and hadi sharif. In the Quran it has been stated that the one who saves an innocent, saves humanity. And the one who kills an innocent, kills humanity. In suicide attacks, the innocent, young or old, men or women, die. This is against Islam. Islam never allows such acts. In the last few decades, extremists have tried to twist the meaning of Islam, but even today, Sufis and many such communities are still firm in their stand. Our mission is to unite fellow human beings, and spread love, peace, tolerance, brotherhood.

Speaking on the stereotyping of terrorists as Muslims, he said, “This began during the II World War when the British had promoted the ideology of Mohammed Ibn-Abdul Wahab of Saudi Arabia to promote division in the region. The British had promoted the extremists then. Hillary Clinton herself said that they had supported Mujahideen with money and arms to remove Russia from Afghanistan, thus promoting extremism. It is not right to say that only Muslims are responsible for this. The people who supported these extremists for wealth, power or oil are equally responsible.

When asked for his views on the ‘Maut ka Saudagar’ tag on Modi, he said that Gujarat has a history of riots, irrespective of the government in the state. “After Modiji came to power, there have not been any riots. Gujarat is “curfew-less”, “terrorless” because Modiji has a clear cut vision that development is not possible without peace. And peace can only be maintained when the state when terror free and riot free. The countries that are against us want riots to happen in our country, so that development does not happen. Gujarat has been successful in stopping riots.”


He also said that ghar-wapsi is not the BJP’s agenda. “A small family can have its members endorsing different views. A big family cannot have all its members with the same views, all of them need not be the same. There will be some who will have different views always. We need to correct them. If we get a cold, we take a medicine. We do not cut the nose. In Gujarat, Modiji has not just brought the Muslim extremists under control, but he has also brought the Hindu extremists under control. This is a fact and everyone knows it. Modiji has always opposed those who threatened the unity and security of the country.”

Speaking on the Telangana encounters, he said, “This is an issue of the Telangana state. I am not dealing with it and I do not have the proper information regarding this issue. Sometimes encounters are right, but sometimes can are wrong.”


“Extremism ideology is dangerous and a threat to the whole world. The extremists attack Christians, Muslims and people of all religions. They also attack children and women. They are trying to spoil Islam by doing such things. All Muslims don’t follow their ideology. We are the victims of terrorism. Muslims have many sects, and they are infact the victims of terrorism. In Iraq and Syria, ISIS attacks shrines that belong to Sufis and Shias. They cannot tolerate any other religion. Infact, they cannot tolerate any other sects of Islam itself. They think or have been taught to think that only they are right and everyone else is wrong, and that only they will go to heaven and the rest will go to hell. According to UN, Israel supports ISIS and this ideology that they have been taught. Many countries give their support to terrorism if they have something to gain. And when they are the victims of the attack, then they say that such terrorism is bad. Modiji went to America and said that there is no good or bad terrorism. Terrorism is terrorism and until all the countries in the world do not take an absolute stand on it, terrorism will never end.”

Rahim Uchil and others were also present.

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  1. “1,400 years ago, Prophet Mohammed clearly spoke about Islam in Quran and Hadees but some pervert people corrupted Islam and misled, misread and misinterpreted” said Gujarat BJP Minority Morcha state president and head of Gujarat Haj committer M.K. Chishty. Let’s say we agree with you that Islam is a peaceful religion, but we have questions and I hope to have answers.

    1. It appears you are referring to Muslims who are misunderstanding and misleading your religion. But how is that possible that apparently clear instructions from a divine source (which should have been flawless) is being misread, misinterpreted and worse a divine message gets corrupted by an ordinary man? The Holy book – The book says do good and they are doing bad? Let’s accept there is a misunderstanding among Muslims, could you kindly quote the chapters and verses which are good but are being misinterpreted. This is very, very important and we all need to know.
    2. Again, let’s say people are misunderstanding, and these numbers are growing larger that every country with a sizeable Muslim presence has heavily armed Muslim Groups committing acts of terror. In this electronic age we also see and hear many Muslims making videos of their martyrdom operations and again quoting from the same ‘holy’ books and stating that this is how they understand they should be governing themselves? So, for 1400 years with so much of misinterpretation no one is being schooled into what is the “real” Islam?
    3. Why don’t we see Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews & Christians going on a rampage after they start reading and practising from their Holy books, quoting scripture as the reason for their actions?
    4. We don`t see heads of Islamic Countries, The Grand Mufti’s of Al Azhar, The head of the Grand Mosques in Saudi, All 55 members of the OIC condemn these actions from the pulpits of mosques and challenge the actions of these misguided people and invite them to dialogue broadcast live publicly explaining to those misguided people that they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Instead of talking to local media M.K Chishty and his ilk should be jetting to Islamic strongholds around the world and having discussions with leaders from The Islamic State, Boko Haram, Hamas, Al Qayeda, The Houtheis, Hezboallah (The Party of Allah), Jaish-e-Mohammad, Hezb-o-Tahrir just to name a few of the several armed groups.

    Please don`t quote verses that have been abrogated as they DO NOT count, and If you are quoting chapter 5 verse 33, then quote the whole verse without leaving anything out any thing, and also quote verse 5:34. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – THEN It IS A DUCK, DON’T HOODWINK ME INTO BELIEVING IT IS A HEN.

  2. Ironically, the only people who understand and expose this double-talk by ‘peaceful’ community seem to be religious bigots from other side as Ray’s post has clearly illustrated above. It’s a sad thing that the real progressives have to find support in people like Ray who see right things for wrong reasons!!

    In a way, this also represents a real, tragic failure on the part of secular, liberal groups. These groups are supposed to fight for liberal, progressive, secular values. Instead, they are being totally bullied by ‘peaceful’ community into tolerating their intolerance!! If you don’t trust me, here is a simple question to all of you – Tell me one journalist who wrote a critical piece on recent Cartoon controversy and published those cartoons? Good luck finding a name!! LOL

  3. Dear Brothers,
    Answers of all your questions are inside book ” Fatawa on Terrorism @ Suicide Bombing ” by Dr. Qadri, available on Google.
    Plz read it.
    Not only Wahabis but double standard policy of World on Terrorism is also Responsible for Global Terrorism.

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