Mangaluru: Narendra Modi trying to create anarchy in the country – Janardhan Poojary

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Mangaluru: Senior Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary held a press meet at the District Congress Office here, on December 19.

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Addressing the mediapersons, Janardhan Poojary said, “Narendra Modi is the prime minister of this country but he is trying to create anarchy in the country. In the history of India, so far such incidents have never occurred. The innocent have been targeted, false complaints have been filed and Modi is trying to be a dictator. Most of the people are afraid of Modi but Poojary is not.”

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Poojary further said that the police department and the CBI comes under the union government and union minister Venkaiah Naidu says that the CBI is an independent body and Modi has nothing to do with it. “Being a union minister, Venkaiah Naidu does not know the meaning of CBI. Recently, the CBI raided the office of CM Kejrewal in connection with the investigation of principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar. The CBI sealed the office of the CM in the third floor, so that the CM could not enter his own office,” he said.

He also said, “Modi is taking law into his hands. Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi, said that Narendra Modi is waging political vendetta against Kejriwal’s administration. Kejriwal has also challenged the act as political vendetta by Modi and that the allegations are baseless.”

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Regarding the National Herald case, Poojary said that the National Herald newspaper is an asset of the Congress. “It was started by former prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. By filing false cases on Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, Modi is trying to become a dictator. Today, it is the National Herald. Tomorrow, it could be another media. So this is the right time for the media to be firm. All BJP members are not bad. 80% of them do not like the way Modi operates, but they are afraid of raising their voice against him because those who raise their voice will be finished.”

He further said that the chief minister of Karnataka has been increasing liquor shops in the state. “The media should highlight the effects of consuming liquor and make the CM understand that liquor is not at all good for health,” he added.

Former Mayor Mahabala Marla, deputy mayor Purushotham Chitrapur, Arun Coelho, Naveen D’Souza and others were also present.

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  1. Jannanna,
    Your comprehension is deteriorating. India is going in right direction. With regard to your comment: In the history of India, so far such incidents have never occurred. You are right: we are fighting against corruption now. May take about 10 years. Please bear with us.

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