Mangaluru: Nasha Mukth Bharath! ABVP to Campaign on Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Addiction

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Mangaluru: “Akhil  Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad [ABVP], being the most prominent student organisation of the country has initiated a huge national level awareness campaign against narcotic drug addiction, abuse of alcohol and tobacco addiction among the student community. The awareness campaign is said to initiate a huge awareness to create addiction free as well as eco friendly civil society with an objective of clean personality young mind throughout the nation. The awareness programme is initiated from Jan 12, on the birth centenary of Swami Vivekananda and the campaign goes up to Jan 30, till the Mahatma Gandhijis smriti diwas. Various programmes have been planned to spread the message of awareness involving  college campuses and schools  since the focus is on college and high school students” said Shri Hari Borikar- National General Secretary of ABVP, during the press meet held at Mangalore Press Club.


“Today, the addiction to drugs and tobacco, abuse of alcohol is a spreading menace; it has become a difficult social problem for the country. The problem has reached to uncontrollable limits in most of the north eastern states near to the international border and also in several western and north states of India” added Borikar. T S Sunil Prasad- State Secretary of ABVP and Jayesh BK- local ABVP member were also on the dais.


Main objective of National awareness on addiction programme:

The whole world, including India is witnessing an upsurge in the market for narcotics , alcohol, tobacco in  the last few years which is the third most favourite destiny for these addictions and consumptions. One out  of every  five casualties  due to tobacco  an Indian .recent reports has shown that nearly 6000 people including youth have succumbed to tobacco deaths  in Karnataka alone. The age group of addicts varies from 16 to 60 irrespective of the income and social status.the average life of  addicts has reduced  severely by almost 15 to 20 years .

Cancer, cardiac arrests, ulcers, lung diseases are the result of addiction to tobacco, alcohol. Narcotic drugs take away the potential of working class making them a national burden to the young country otherwise. The money laundered in this drug rackets are siphoned  to terrorism activities which is affecting the Indian society posing  a great danger in the view of all these issues, Akhil  Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad [ABVP] has initiated a national drive  awareness campaign to create addiction free and eco friendly civic society involving the youth of this country.

The evil network  behind narcotic drug addiction:

During a narcotic raid conducted few days back, the nexus between the drug peddlers with many politicians and bureaucrats has been revealed which may have a deadly influence on the society. ABVP urges the government both at centre and the state to take tough measures to counter act the narcotic terrorists and to initiate stringent legal action against the drug mafia.


National awareness campaign from ABVP:

Youth once get addicted to tobacco, alcohol or narcotics become disoriented, they cannot be progressive and back bone of this country , the young India becoming feeble force. Therefore  the addiction  need to be rooted out by the combined efforts of citizens and student force of Bharath. The awareness campaign initiated by ABVP will be carried throughout the nation by conducting seminars, rallies, pamphlets information brochures, human chain formation in major public places and to launch counselling , detoxification and de-addiction centres.

The programme will be organised in majority of the colleges, high schools, hostels and all universities of this country. on this occasion ,ABVP requests general public , educational institutes, and the media to make this awareness programme of  fight against addiction campaign a huge success by participation  and support .the same resolution has been passed during the 60th national conference of ABVP held at Amritsar recently.

Call to the nation by ABVP:

ABVP requests students, teaching fraternity, politicians, sports personalities, artists, health sector and home ministry to extend their valuable contribution to add required support for the cause for national awareness campaign. This campaign will transform India to become addiction free, eco friendly and a better clean country to live with. The youth of this country are given a call from ABVP to bring the necessary change for the new progressive transformation to become a strengthened youth nation which requires their immense support and active participation.

Programme details from Jan 17 to Jan 30:

January 17-18 awareness campaign and programmes to be held in service homes(slums) and hostels.
January 23 oath taking ceremonies at colleges, public places, and hostels
January 30- human chain formation at major public places  and road campaigns, by school and college students  at all taluk and district head quarters.

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