Mangaluru: ‘Nawabi Food Festival’- a Princely Legacy of Culinary Royalty at Taj Gateway

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Mangaluru: Feast like a Nawab at the “Nawabi (Hyderabadi) Food Festival at Taj Gateway Hotel’s restaurant “Cardamom” going on from 20 March-29 March 2015.. . Enjoy a blend of Mughlai, Lucknowi and Persian cuisine here with bold flavours packed with rich aroma. Chef Sanjay Halder from Hyderabad having over 20 years of experience at Taj Gateway-Hyderabad, along with assistance from Sreeram Parimi -Executive Chef and other Chefs at Taj Gateway-Mangaluru together have designed the menu for the festival. Each dish is exotic, unique and filled with traditional Hyderabadi flavors.

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Known for its rich spices and aroma, Hyderabadi cuisine is often on top of the charts of the food lovers. If you too enjoy this royal cuisine, then here’s your chance to relish its taste to your heart’s content. Dig into the gorgeous taste of some of the delectable dishes from this cuisine like, ‘Murgh Tikka Nizami’, ‘Haleem’, and ‘Dum Ka Murgh’ etc. So if you are a hard-core food lover then you can’t miss on this ‘Hyderabadi Food Festival’ . Hyderabad is well known for its Cuisine and culture from the Mughal Dynasty. Nawabi cuisine is an extremely delicate cuisine with precise measurements for each ingredient, meticulously prepared to obtain the authentic royal flavour. Discover the royal taste of Hyderabadi cuisine – Spicy and aromatic, the dishes of the sub-continent are prepared using authentic ingredients such as coconuts, red chilies, tamarind and more….

Hyderabadi food, like its culture, has a harmonious blend of Mughlai, Lucknowi and Persian cuisine. Distinctive flavours, bold spices and rich aroma of their cuisine makes Hyderabadi food a favorite amongst all. At the week-long Nawabi/Hyderabadi Food Festival, Taj Gateway promises to provide a wholesome and authentic experience to its guests. Chef Halder has crafted his signature dishes and present an aura of this Nawabi cuisine to entice foodies with his specialties. Guests can feast on the elaborate buffet menu comprising of non-veg, veg dishes and wide variety of desserts.. Chef Halder who has participated in many food festivals across India brings his experiences in the field of cooking to this coastal town, Mangaluru.

According to TK Joy- Food and Beverage Manager at the Gateway,  “Hyderadabi cuisine is rich melange of bold flavors, tantalizing spices and an array of local influences. With a strong culinary heritage, this cuisine is a blend of tradition and novelty. Chef Sanjay Halder, our in-house Chefs and myself are delighted to be able to bring the specialties of the popular ‘Shahi Dastarkhwan’ ( a Royal theme, where food is served and eaten at a dining place) to one and all.’

The sumptuous buffet menu will include popular and favourite Hyderabadi dishes such as : Starting with the Soups- Tamatar Ka Shorba, Marag (Mutto soup); Salads include- Achari Sabzi Salad, Kache Aam Ka Lachar, Kareala Salad, Dahi Vada, Tandoori Chicken Salad, Kachumber Salad, Green Salad; For starters- Subz Shani Kebab, Murgh Tikka Nizami; Non-Veg main course consists of – Kachay Gohst Ki Biriyani, Dum Ka Murgh, Haleem ( a very popular Hyderabadi dish).

Veg main course features- Dum Ki Biriyani, Nizami Handi, Capsicum Ka Salan, Qubool, Tamatar Ka Paneer, Khatte Meethe Aloo, Hyderabadi Kali Dal, Steamed Rice; and to top it all there is wide variety of desserts – Khubani Ka Meetha, Double Ka Meetha, Ashrafi, Seviyan Ka Muzaffar, Gil-E-Firdous (my favorite), Rava Ladoo, Fresh cut fruits. And while you are feasting “Royaly” on the sumptuous menu, soft ghazal music will give you an authentic Hyderabadi feel.

So, don’t miss this unique opportunity to taste the “Food of the Nawabs”, straight from the “City of the Nawabs, Hyderabad” at the Cardamom restaurant- Hotel Taj Gateway.This special Nawab Food Festival featuring authentic Hyderabadi dishes will surely delight the ultimate foodie in you with the myriad tastes of Southern India. Hyderabadi food is more than just biryani, come and discover true flavours of Hyderabad at the Taj Gateway-Mangaluru – and experience the difference and goodness of Nawabi Food.

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