Mangaluru: New Stadium ‘Carena” Inaugurated as Part of St Gerosa Golden Jubilee Celebrations

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Mangaluru: Jubilees are milestones giving hope and encouragement in the journey forward ,such events bring with them a message of joy and happiness far beyond the ordinary! 50 years have passed since St.Gerosa School sparkled with its first light. St.Gerosa can boldly say that, through past 50 years they have excelled in every initiative that they undertook and have stood together in providing quality education. In all this they have made every effort to be sensitive and compassionate to the marginalized and the person in need .This is the unique character of the Sisters of Charity.



The word ‘golden jubilee’ speak volumes for the glory in which the school lies submerged. For a period of 5 decades it has unfailingly sent out students who are capable of being good citizens on whom the nation can count for the upliftment of the downtrodden. During the course of these 50 years, St Gerosa students have reached national level in throw ball, karate, hurdles, hundred meter race and so on and so forth. To give better facilities and train the athletes better, it was decided to built a new stadium. So, as part of the Golden Jubilee celebration, a new stadium was built which was named “Carena” and was inaugurated on Monday 5 January 2015 at 9am.

Prior to the inauguration and blessing of the new stadium, a marathon was taken from Valencia Church to the Gerosa School grounds- Rev Fr James D’souza- Parish Priest of Valencia Church lighted the torch at the church, which was then carried by the athletes to the new stadium. The dignitaries of the function namely Rev Fr James D’souza, Rev Dr Sr Matilda Monteiro- Provincial Superior-Sisters of Charity-Mangalore Province, Jacintha V Alfred- Corporator, Jnanesh- BEO- Mangalore South, Sr Grace Joseph- Secretary-Sister of Charity Educational Society, Sr Marcelline Braggs and  Sr Emma Aranha- both HM’s of the School, along with other VIPs were escorted to the venue by the school band.

Mrs Ida D’Almeida welcomed the gathering, followed by a prayer dance by the tiny tots of St Gerosa School. The blessing of the new stadium “Carena” was done by Rev Fr James D’Souza, where he walked around the stadium and sprinkled Holy Water. There was a spectacular drill presentation by the school students. Past athletes of the school led by Mrs Rita D’Souza carried the torch and lighted the inaugural lamp at the stadium. The stadium was officially inaugurated by releasing 50 balloons in the air by Jnanesh and Jacintha Alfred.

Rev Dr Sr Matilda Monteiro in her speech recalled her days at St Gerosa School, and she was overwhelmed at the progress made by the school during the past 5 decades. She further said, “St Gerosa School which opened its door in June 1964 to educate the girls and make them start a new career in their lives, has finally reached the milestone in celebrating “Golden Jubilee”, a prestigious school belonging to a prestigious Congregation of Nuns- the Sisters of Charity. St Gerosa School fosters and values initiative amongst its pupils, and the School solely caters to the needs of the children of poor parents. St.Gerosa School, Mangaluru belongs to the management of Sisters of Charity of St.Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa  (SCCG).The congregation of SCCG was started in 1832 in Italy. I feel proud to be part of this St Gerosa family”

Jnanesh and Jacintha Alfred also spoke and complimented the Sisters of Charity for their 50 years of love in service through education, morals and beyond. Architect of the stadium Ashok Mendonca gave a brief summary of the structure and facilities of the stadium. Retired teacher Leena Rasquinha, and three other staff who had rendered 25 years of service to the school namely Maria Jayanthi Sequiera, Louisa Maria D’souza and Vinette Colaco were felicitated during the occasion. Other dignitaries, teachers, and staff  were also felicitated.

Four former athletes of the school namely Rita D’souza, Danusha, Sushmitha Devadiga and Anvitha who had brought name and fame to their Alma mater were also felicitated during the occasion. Mrs Juliana Madtha proposed the vote of thanks, while the whole function was professionally compered by Sr Jasmitha Crasta, Mrs Shaila Pinto and Mrs Gladys. The function ended with the singing of National Anthem by a group of students. feels proud to cover the proceedings of the inaugural function of the new stadium “Carena”.

“Carena” Stadium Report as delivered by architect Ashok Mendonca:

Details of work executed to date: (Extent of development: 67 cents including drains)

A. Stormwater Management : Sub surface drainage for quick removal of water from playfield, executed by laying of combination of perforated 8″ diameter PVC pipes, wrapped with geotextile fabric to prevent ingress of soil. Total length of lines : 150m; Collection and disposal of external water executed using RCC drains along the periphery of our site. Total length of drains: 130m; Internal collection of surface run off of water to deliver it to the Storm Water Recharge wells using combination of masonary channels covered with RCC precast covers, behind the school building and in front of stage block- Total length of drains: 92m

B. Ground Water Recharge: All water collected from surface run off within and after due physical filtration led to detention wells Components of the system include;
i. 2 nos aggregate filled filteration chambers in RCC with pre cast inspection covers
ii. 2 nos 15′ deep and 5′ diameter RCC ring wells enveloped with aggregates and geo-textiles for gradual release of detained water into the ground aquifer, with pre-cast inspection chambers
iii. Loading of excess water into the existing well of the convent.

C.  Maximising the play field area and upgrading the field lining:
1. Removal of irregular masonary structures including galleries, drains, pipelines, light posts which had been randomly placed aided in creation of 4 distinct facilities; i- Kindergarten play zone; ii. Triple Jump facility behind the school building; iii. 60m / 8 lane sprint track; iv. 150m / 8 lane athletic track

Although the original plan was to go for synthetic track the cost being prohibitive it was scaled down to go for natural turfing. The entire top material is lined with soft garden soil which will be gradually upgraded to turfing during the school annual break. The necessary irrigation arrangements are also proposed to be executed immediately after this event. The ground is free from any kinks, projections and any un- even elements making it safe to traverse for  an small child to an elderly.

E: Reorganisation of the toilets: The toilets were reorganised to segregate the boys and girls toilet facilities which were accessed directly from the ground. The current reorganisation has resulted in the following major changes. The girls toilets has gained additional 11 units + 1 janitor room + Hand wash trough 2. The boys toilet has gained 5 urinals + Hand wash trough.

F: Reorganisation of the Water Storage Arrangement: The water storage tanks have been consolidated, interconnected and elevated to provide better pressure. All supply and delivery lines have be replaced with UPVC lines for better management. Planting for improving the general environment: Planters have been partly completed for the entire boundary of site to plant bougainvilea. 6 tree saplings have been planted beyond the seating gallery for future shading and beautification of the ground margins.

Low maintenance palms have been planted beyond the seating gallery for giving a green edging to the property. These will take a year to make their presence felt.

G: Reorganisation of the External Illumination: The playground has been provided with 3 nos of 250W metal halide lamp post mounted luminaries supplied
by the MCC. An additional 75W LED lamp for emergency lighting is also planned to be mounted on the building.

In addition 2 nos CFL lamps are being provded at the rear of the school building and 2 nos yard lights for the parking lot in front of the office block. Also, the gallery canopy has been provided 9 nos, 21W, T5 fluorescent lamps. CCTV Surveillance systems: The grounds, the toilet blocks have been brought under the CCTV surveillance system for better security management.

H. Creation of Organised seating for spectators:A total length of 555m of seating gallery has been created with a uniform size of 2′ width and 15″ height for
accomodating over 1000 students. The colour coding of the seating gallery helps in clearly demarcating the seating portion and the movement portion, so as not to soil the clothes of students sitting in the lower levels.

I: Canopy for shelter from sun and rain: An attractive 2080 sft steel light roofing canopy has been erected to protect the spectators from the harsh noon sun and also provide shelter from the rains during the monsoons.

J: Creation of VIP Platform: As the current stage block is not appropriately positioned, there is plan to convert the roof of the Akshara Dasoha block to act as a centralised platform from which combined school assemblies could be conducted. This will also serve as an ideal location for VIP seating platform for future events.

K: Creation of a Band Stand: The semi circular band stand is positioned close to the VIP gallery to provide a vantage point to conduct
drill and march past events.

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