Mangaluru: No Made Made Snana only Yede Snana at Kukke – DC Ibrahim

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Mangaluru: The Deputy Commissioner AB Ibrahim held a meeting regarding ‘Made Made Snana’ at his office here, on December 15.

Addressing the mediapersons Ibrahim said that as per traditions, the Kukke Shri Subramanya Temple in Sullia taluk holds ‘Champa Shashti’ and devotees perform ‘Made Made Snana’ irrespective of faith, caste or creed. This year ‘Champa Shashti’ will be held from 15 to 17 December.


However some head priests and progressive thinkers had opposed and protested against this age old practice. The government had decided to scrap this practice but since it was a matter of debate between two groups, one supporting and the other oppose this practice, the practice could not be banned completely.

The Karnataka High Court in November 2012 had then directed that ‘Made Made Snana’ to be banned and instead ‘Yede Snana’ should be performed, where the devotees rolled over ‘Naivedya’ (Prasadam). However, in December 2012 the Supreme Court squashed the High court directive and issued a stay order and in November 2014 High Court allowed ‘Made Made Snana’ to be perfomed. The Supreme Court issued a stay order and ruled that ‘Yede Snana’ could be performed instead of ‘Made Made Snana’, he said.

Ibrahim also said that around 1600 devotees used to perform ‘Made Made Snana’ but from 27 December 2014 as per the Supreme Court’s order only ‘Yede Snana’ has to be performed. “This year, the devotees will have the opportunity to perform only ‘Yede Snana’ instead of ‘Made Made Snana’,” he added.

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  1. Trying to dictate rules to religious groups is a slippery slope that our Justice institutions should be very aware of. It’s one thing when a religious tradition involves non-voluntary participants and force. However, traditions involving volunteer parties are very different. What if progressive thinkers want to ban ‘panchagavya’ offered as ‘Prasaada’ in temples because it has go-mutra and dung? I find religions to be illogical and stupid – Does it mean that we need to ban religions?

    As an agnostic, I find almost zero logic in religions except a false comfort to address the fear of death. However, I don’t mind people gathering in beautiful buildings and trying to impress imaginary god as long as it has no victims. Made snaana has no victims. Panchagavya has no victims. Sunday mass and prayer sessions have no victims. However, slaughtering animals in the name of ‘sacrifice’ has clear victims – Listen to those heart wrenching screams and ask yourself if you have a soul.

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