Mangaluru: Oil Spill on Alape – Padil Road, Major Tragedy Averted

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Mangaluru: A major tragedy has been averted after a tanker lost control and ended up on the road’s median at Alape Padil here, on September 6.

According to an NHAI engineer, at around 4.30am, there was an oil spill on the Alape Padil road. Due to rains, the oil had spread and settled on the road causing slippery situation for the vehicles passing on that road.

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A VRL bus plying on the road skidded and came to a stop at a turn after the driver applied brakes to bring the bus under control, thereby blocking the road. After sometime, the driver of an HP gas laden tanker, which was plying towards Bengaluru on the same road, noticed the VRL bus a little too late and suddenly applied the brakes to avoid hitting the bus which was stalled on the road. In the process, the tanker lost control, with its rear end jumping to the other side of the road, and it ended up on the median. Fortunately, the tanker did not roll over and there was no leakage of gas from it.

The road has been closed to clear the oil spill and remove the tanker.

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