Mangaluru: Our Aim is to Make BJP world’s largest political organisation – D KAshok

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Mangaluru: Former deputy CM D K Ashok held a press meet at the BJP office here on January 10.

Addressing the mediapersons Ashok said that the BJP membership drive is going on successfully in the entire country. “Our aim is to make BJP, the world’s largest political organisation. Our aim is to register 10 crore members to the party through the membership drive. We want to make India a Congress free nation. Our party workers are being trained in different states go to villages, railway platforms and to every family and spread awareness to the people about the ideology of the BJP. In the state, we have already registered 18 lakh members and are in the 7th place, when the membership reaches 23 lakh we will be in third place in the country. At present, Uttar Pradesh is in number one position in the membership drive. Our aim is to have a minimum of 50,000 members in every constituency. During the end of January, Amit Shah will visit Mangaluru to strengthen the party and encourage more and more people to join the BJP.”



He further said that Mangaluru is a very sensitive area, from the past 2 years the drug mafia is ruling this region. “Recently, our member Keshav who was fighting against the drug mafia was hacked to death at Soorinje. He was murdered by the drug mafia. Now there is a fear in the people’s mind about the drug mafia, especially in Mangaluru. In Bengaluru, the police commissioner was transferred for taking up cases related to drug mafia seriously. The state government has a soft corner towards the drug mafia, this is because it wants to please the minority. There are a number of issues which the government needs to address. The government is not allowing the police to do their duty. The police are under pressure by the Congress leaders. Law and order has collapsed in the state,” he blamed.

He also stressed that after a strong protest from the BJP, the Chief minister finally agreed to drop the idea of bringing temples and maths under the control of the government. The Chief Minister does not have control over his own cabinet ministers, he alleged.

“While the speaker attempted to correct the mistake of the Health Minister, there was a controversy blaming the speaker that he is speaking in favour of the opposition. The government is failing in administration.” He said that the government should allow the police officers to perform their duty without any political pressure so that they can curb terrorism and other anti-national activities.

Former MLA Yogish Bhat, former district minister in-charge Krishna J Palemar, Sulochana G K Bhat, Pratap Simha Nayak, Kishore Rai, Ravishanker Mijar, Sunjay Prabhu and Vedhavyas were also present.

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