Mangaluru: Partho Mukerjee-Innovative Engineer From US Mentors Young Engineers at Sahyadri Eng College

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Mangaluru: This is a story straight out of the movies. Proactive engineers who started their journey in a “Just Born” Engineering college way back in 1980. That is today’s premier Institute AIT Chikkamagalur. As life would take them, they were thrown in the tides of time and were as far as far could be. As one of the First batch Engineer, Jerardin D’Souza, has founded the dedicated organization MAA-Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association, his awareness mass mails came to the notice of Manjunath Bhandary, another Engineer of AIT, who has founded the popular Sahyadri Engineering Institute.There was a brilliant mail from Partho Mukerjee, Chief- Sidel Systems, U.S.A.INC. to Jerardin D’souza, that made Manjunath Bhandary interact with the long lost Alumni and rest as you say, is history in the making.




A brilliant mentoring session started at Sahyadri Engineering College-Adyar. After meeting the ‘Chuddy Buddies’ at Ocean Pearl Lobby, the guests were taken aback at the back slapping, hugging, Selfies, and the Noice…such was the camaraderie. The next morning it was onto the ‘Mentoring’ of the Sahyadri students by the exuberant dynamic Engineer Partho Mukerjee. He addressed the third year, final year students. The inner urge to create innovative new devices, new projects was emphasized. ‘Experience is the teacher it gives the TEST first and LESSON afterwards’ Having huge experience the world over, Partho, radiated energy. The students were excited by interacting with this ‘Can Do’ “Should Do’ approach of Partho.

Steven, a Phd, student came rushing asking about the ‘Gyroscope’ related project , Partho not only gave instant insight, he gave his card and asked the group of students to interact on E-mail anytime, for further guidance. Then there was interaction between Partho and Dr. Rangarajiah, the Director, experienced at NASA. ”The best time of Life is Student Days, what you shared then cant be substituted” said Dr.Rangarajiah. After lunch there was an interactive session of Partho with the research faculty of Sahyadri.  The research faculty had many questions, and Partho having many patents on useful innovative devices, shared them with the faculty. One Phd professor wanted to produce a ‘slicing onions’ simplified gadget , which Partho had designed. It was sanctioned without any royalty.

Partho has played the role of a Mentor to the students of Sahyadri and will be having an online relationship henceforth.Groups of students kept meeting him and he egged them on with creative ideas and support to further their creative spirit. Every time in India, Partho will spend two days at the Sahyadri campus interacting and providing inputs to the budding engineers. All college buddies exchanged life stories and a very emotional send off was accorded between each of them.

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