Mangaluru: Police Constable Praveen Remanded to Judicial Custody in 17-year-old Student’s Suicide Case

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Mangaluru: Police constable Praveen Salian was arrested and produced before the third JMFC Court here, on June 11.

Praveen was arrested in connection with 17-year-old student Jyothi’s suicide case.

Jyothi Moolya

Praveen Salian

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Before committing suicide, Jyothi left a death note alleging that police constable Praveen was threatening her. He tried to extort Rs 1 lakh and gold from her.

He was produced before the court where he was remanded to judicial custody for 15 days.

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  1. Some girls (possibly most) can’t deal with rejections in their love life. Also, if some of them go to take an extreme step upon being rejected, I don’t think it is entirely the fault of the man.

    Many men go through rejections as well. That is life. Just like being rejected with an employment application.

    One hardly ever hears of a girl being arrested because she rejected a guy.

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