Mangaluru: Prof Dr Aloysius Sequeira Inaugurates Two-day IT Fest Epitome 2015 at AIMIT

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Mangaluru: The IT Fest Epitome 2015 organized by PG School of IT of AIMIT, St Aloysius College, was inaugurated in the Arthur Shenoi Auditorium here on March 12.

Epitome is the annual fest conducted by the PG School as an occasion for all students nation-wide to showcase their innovative skills and talents. Several students opted to participate in this event that will run for two consecutive days starting March 12. Following the lighting of the lamp, Rakesh Kumar (the faculty coordinator) welcomed the gathering.



















Chief guest Dr Aloysius Sequeira, Professor and Head, Dept. of Humanities, Social Science and Management, NITK, was introduced to the gathering by Annapoorna Shetty.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Aloysius emphasized on the opportunities that are open to students to work on solutions that are lacking even with all the technological advances we have around us. Acquisition of newer knowledge firmly grounded on previous experiences and understanding could yield amazing results. Even with all the progress we have made in technology, he said, there are still wide gaps that need to be narrowed down and filled; we need realistic and pragmatic solutions.

Fr Denzil Lobo SJ, Rector, St Aloysius College and the Director of AIMIT who presided over the programme, reiterated the idea of creative ideas and critical thinking even if it means, in the words of Prof. Gerard Tellis from University of Southern California who will be visiting AIMIT next week, “cannibalization by a company of its own products to gain that competitive edge”. Giant companies, Fr Denzil said, would stumble and fall if they do not build and prepare for the future. Citing Ken Robinson, he restated the capacity that will be built into self-learning computers using the knowledge stored from previous generations.

Epitome is one of several academic programmes that AIMIT organizes every year encouraging the students to overlay and eliminate that fine line of dichotomy separating various areas of sciences and technology.

The AIMIT PG School of IT has been rated in the top 50 of the 800 and odd technical institutions in India, and has also won the top IBM Mentorship Award, by the International Business Machines (IBM) Center of Excellence for the year 2014.

The inaugural programme ended with the vote of thanks delivered by the student coordinator Avinash M N.

The two-day event with participation from several colleges would continue through March 13 with the valedictory programme at 4:15 pm.

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