Mangaluru: Prof Puranik Inaugurates Bajrang Dal Auto Drivers and Owners Unit

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Mangaluru: Prof MB Puranik inaugurated Bajrang Dal Autorickshaw Drivers and Owners Unit by lighting a traditional lamp, at Kadri grounds here, on February 27.

The programme started with a recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa. State convener of Bajrang Dal, Sharan Pumpwell said, “It is first time in Karnataka that such an union is created under Bajrang Dal (BD). Rickshaw drivers have done a lot for the society. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) will support rickshaw drivers in all their struggles.”

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Prof Puranik appointed office bearers of the unit and said, “I have seen rickshaw drivers in many states and places, but the rickshaw drivers of Mangaluru are the only ones who are people friendly. They don’t over charge, they show concern towards the sick and do a lot of social work as well. The police, rickshaw drivers and barbers are the only ones who can make out the character of a person just by looking at them.”

He further said, “India is in a very delicate state, but VHP comes forward to protect the Hindu values. Hindu religion is the only one which has protected and respected all women as sisters and mothers. The saffron we wear is a sign of sacrifice, protection and spirituality. The enthusiasm we have today should kindle into a huge fire that will build the society and not die off.”

Keshav Hegde said, “From today the union members will commute the roads as representatives of VHP and so you should know what exactly is BD. People think that we are anti Muslim, anti Christian and only spread violence. It is not true, we are actually here to protect the Hindu religion. Islam has a history of 1500 years and Christianity has a history of 2000 years, but nobody knows when the Hindu religion came into existence.,”

Keshav said that VHP had 65000 units in the entire nation, 12000 seva units helping the dalits, 55000 ekavidhyalaya units, Ramayana exams were conducted, in which 52000 students had participated. “We protect, cows and our girls against love jihad. We are aggressive in protecting our religion, but we also do a lot of social work,” he said.

“The society which acts as a mere spectator when, temples are demolished, cows are killed, artist like MF Hussain insult the nation with his paintings. Our final aim is to form a Ramrajya as dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi,” said Keshav.

VHP District President, Jagdish Shenava said, “Rickshaw drivers patrol the streets not often than the police and they will know of the drug peddlers in the city. Rickshaw drivers can give us information in this regard so that we can forward it to the authority and remove this menace from the society. BD stood for service, protection and tradition. The nation was built by the social work done by the poor of the society. If anyone has a medical emergency, the first person they look forward to is a rickshaw driver.”

He urged the rickshaw drivers to take any accident victim to the hospital without fearing any consequences. “Hinduism is the only religion that doesn’t have a date of birth and will not have a date of death as well,” he added.

Praveen Kuttar, Gopal, Pramod Kumar Rai and others were also present.

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8 years ago

At least something good happening in India. God bless

8 years ago

Jai Hind
Well done guys

sHAIKh moHd rizwan
8 years ago

Dear readers,

Now with some decent job in hands,hope this will leads to some reasonable meaning to the society. At the same time I expect this autorickshaw will not follow the merit system for commuters wearing big ‘Tilak’ and ‘saffron’ cloth.

At least now Mangaloreans will have some sigh of relief from free moral police gang.

Jai Hind