Mangaluru: Property Worth Rs 55 Lakh Returned to Rightful Owners

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Mangaluru: The Superintendent of Police Dr Sharanappa held a press meet at the SP office here, on January 14.

Property worth Rs 55 lakh was returned to the respective owners before the press meet. Speaking on this occasion, Dr Sharanappa said, “We are holding this programme from past 4-5 years. A total property worth Rs 61 lakh was recovered last year and today we are returning property worth Rs 55 lakh to the rightful owners. People have a lot of attachment to their valuables like Mangalsutra and it is disappointing when theft of such valuables occurs.”

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Speaking to, owner of a stolen vehicle, Santhosh said, “My vehicle was given on lease to a person who did not return it to me, police have recovered my vehicle and I am thankful.”

A demonstration of ‘Intrusion Alarm System’ was held. The system works like a burglar alarm and uses sensors to detect intrusion. The system can be connected to up to 15 mobile phones, which get an SMS alert and a phone call once any unusual activity is detected. The system can be connected to the nearest police station as well. Banks and jewelry shops will benefit from this system, but a regular household can also use the system.

Addressing the mediapersons, Dr Sharanappa said, “Prevention of theft is important and use of technology is a must as criminals get smarter each day. Investment of Rs 30000 to Rs 40000 is a wise investment to protect property worth in lakhs of rupees.” He urged the citizens to make use of bank lockers to safeguard their valuables. “Everyone should secure their valuable by buying a suitable insurance,” SP added.

Speaking about the directive of the Supreme Court to making it compulsory for the pillion rider to wear a helmet, Dr Sharanappa said, “It is a good decision by the court. People should accept with true heart that they are wearing a helmet to protect their life and not just for the sake of following traffic rules. All riders should wear the helmet strap too, as merely wearing a helmet is of no use. Sellers should ensure that they are selling only ISI certified helmets.”

ASP Vincent Shantharaj, ASP of Bantwal Rahul Kumar S  and others were also present.

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