Mangaluru: Prof Uday Gadkari Inaugurates BEADS at BIT

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Mangaluru: The Bearys group held the inauguration of ‘Bearys Enviro-Architecture Design School’ (BEADS) at the Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT) campus premises here, on June 27.

The programme began with an invocation. The CMD of Bearys Group, Syed Mohamed Beary, welcomed the guests and the gathering.

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Addressing the gathering, Chief Guest Professor Uday C Gadkari (President, Council of Architecture, Govt of India) said that he had visited many different schools but this was one of the occasions where he was fully impressed, mesmerized by the presentation of the day. He also said that the BIT campus is a fantastic location to learn architecture and has the ambiance required to make the students understand things better. He talked about trying to fathom beauty everywhere with the spirit of the heart.

“Sensitivity is one of the rare virtues which every architect has to be blessed with. Sensitivity is probably the mother of creativity. Unless you have sensitivity, creativity will never take birth. In womb of sensitivity, the birth of creativity takes place. In nature, there is an abundance of beauty, but you need vision and insight to look and identify where beauty lies. Architecture is a three pronged activity of stability, utility and beauty. Stability is engineering/structure, the building has to stand for a long time against all elements; utility is the way in which the space has to be utilized to accommodate different needs; and, beauty is a unique aspect. In the spirit of living our lives and chasing different matters in life, we forget the things which are around us. The landscape, the sky, the rivers around us are all beautiful. Architecture is a training which trains the mind and heart to look and search for beauty everywhere,” he said.

Former Karnataka Education Minister, B A Moideen speaking on the occasion congratulated theBearys Group and wished them success in producing people who make our development sustainable. He also requested the guest architects present to think about developing inclusive architecture.

The BEADS plaque was unveiled on the occasion by B A Moideen. The Architecture department was inaugurated by cutting ribbon. The department consists of the faculty room, classrooms and two studios, one of which has been dedicated in the memory of late Architect Charles Correa who was an influential architect credited for the creation of modern architecture in post-Independence India. The BEADS brochure was also released on the occasion. There was a presentation on ‘Sustainable Urban Development’ and a panel discussion on ‘Green Smart City’ thereafter.

Professor P V K Rameshwar (Former HOD-Urban Desugn, CEPT University, Ahmedabad), Architect N M Salim (N M Salim & Associates Calicut), Architect Ashok Lall (Founder, Ashok B LallArchitects, New Delhi), Architect Sharukh Mistry (Mistry Architects, Bangalore), Professor Vasanth KBhat (Dean, Acharya’s NRV School of Architecture, Bangalore), Architect Gayathri Shetty (Founder,Gayathri & Namith Architects, Bangalore), Architect Manoj Ladhad (Founder Architect, Architecture Paradigm, Bangalore) were also present on the occasion.

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