Mangaluru: ‘PUCL Prez David D’Souza Might Have Died Due to Police Beating’- says Friend Stany Fernandes

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Mangaluru: Although it has been reported earlier that David D’Souza- President of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and also the proprietor of Diana Electricals collapsed at Rural Police station-Kankanady and died later in a private hospital due to heart attack, but David’s close friend who was with him at the police station had a different story to tell, when he briefed about the incident to a few media persons at a private place in Bajal-Padil.


Stany D’Souza, hailing from Meramajal in the outskirts of Mangaluru explained in details about the attempt of murder on him in March 2015, and also the incident that took place at Kankanady police station. He said, “On 28 March 2015, at around 10.30 pm while I was working as a Railway Crossing gate Guard near Arkula, three men armed with knives and machetes assaulted me, they stabbed me in the abdomen, neck and on my head. Thinking that I was dead, they took off from the scene. But I wasn’t dead, gaining consciousness I slowly moved towards the office table and dialed from the land line phone to my Station Manager based at BC Road, and told that I was stabbed and send help quickly”.

“The Station Manager immediately sent two persons who took me to the hospital. A case was filed next day with the Railway police, and the assailants were booked under the particular law. The persons who had arranged these guys for my murder were my wife and son, because they knew that if I get killed while at work they can get all the compensation, benefits and also that my son can get my job. This murder plot on 28 March was planned two days before my retirement. My wife and son had also tried to kill me twice before – once few people tried to hang me near my gate, but I survived since I fought back. Ever since the murder attempt on me, I have been residing at a unknown place, which was known only to David D’Souza. He was like my guardian, he escorted me wherever I went and looked after my case proceedings. The case of my murder attempt is still going on in the court” added Stany.

“Now coming to the recent incident that took place on Thursday, 2 July 2015 at Kankanady Police station- my wife and son had filed a case on me at Rural Police station-Kankanady stating that I was not supporting them financially from the pension I get from the railway department after my retirement. So me along with David had gone to the police station on 2 July at around 4pm. David discussed the matter with the Circle Inspector about the case filed by my wife and son. We were there the whole evening, until my wife and son showed up at the station at around 7.30pm. In the presence of my wife and son the circle inspector asked me why wasn’t I supporting my family. David replied on my behalf that since I was not keeping well, lots of money was being used for my medical expenses, so I couldn’t help my family financially then” said Stany.

“While more talks were going on between me, David and the circle inspector, my wife and son tried to raise their voices in loud. David in the meantime raising his hand in order to stop my wife speaking, accidentally touched my son’s body. Argument and fight broke out between David and my son, but was brought under control by the cops. Within few minutes, the circle inspector also started to argue with David, and the argument led to the point that the Circle Inspector, ASI and two other police constables grabbed David by his hands and dragged him inside to a room, I am not sure whether they took David to a room or cell, because I was made to stay outside”, added Stany.

“Around 8.30pm or so I heard David yelling for help desperately, and within few minutes his yelling stopped. Within few seconds three cops came out from inside carrying David, who had collapsed. I found out through sources that they took him to the nearby Indiana Hospital, where he later died the same night. I feel that the extensive force used by the police personnel might have resulted in some harmful done to his body. I have also seen the CI drafting a report that David had tried to harm my wife while she was at the station. I can’t say anything else, rather that we will have to wait till the post-mortem results are out which will bring the truth about David’s death. But I have now lost a very good friend who was like my brother and my supporting pillar. May his soul rest in peace”, concluded Stany Fernandes with tears in his eyes. He also showed the assault marks on his body during the murder attempt on him on 28 March 2015 (See photos)


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When contacted PB D’Sa, the past president of PUCL regarding the post-mortem results, he said that as of now he hasn’t heard anything from the concerned authorities. So until the post-mortem results are revealed, the death of beloved president of PUCL, David Norbert D’Souza will remain a mystery.

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  1. Excellent reporting by master journo alfie and the “Non-bias” website I only wish that the post-mortem proves that it was police torture that led to david Dsouza’s death- what else could be when you are in the hands of mangalore cops.

    May David’s soul RIP! God bless and its energetic team

  2. This is terrible. There is nor rule of law in India. Salman Khan is still dancing to Govinda tunes after killing few people. A Reliance lawyer killls 3 people in Mumbai and may get away. The BJP people are involved in lalit gate and they will get away too. Modi is busy sending Emails to NRIs while India is becoming a dump.

    Ayyo Parameshwara, can’t wait for achche din

  3. The police should come clean by voluntarily releasing CCTV footage of the incident to the press. If they ever do that it will probably be the first ever instance in the country and a good example to follow!

  4. I doubt if police are involved in this. Deepest condolence to the bereaved family members. we are with you in hour of sad moment.

  5. uncle u r my guardian ….i always taken opinion when m tense ………..m felling alone without u ……sad news i heard …i got shocked….

  6. Mangalore is getting internationally famous due to unwanted incidents. Possibility that David was manhandled and possibly choked to keep Him quiet from shouting. These kind of incidents led to creation of PUCL to help the helpless. Now National level investigation should clear the doubt. Truth from investigation will clean corruption. I hope Sleeping Minister will not stick His nose in this matter.

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