Mangaluru: Ramakrishna Mission Holds 26th Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan

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Mangaluru: THe 26th Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan was carried out by Ramakrishna Mission in Attavara Katte area here, on 8 November from 7.30 am to 10.30 am. Swami Vivekachaitanyanandaji, president of Ramakrsihna Tapovan Polai and Suresh Babu flagged off the drive.


Volunteers, devotees and well-wishers of the Ramakrishna Mission, NSS students and Red Cross members and students of Govt. First Grade College Car Street, students of Srinivas Engineering College, Scouts & Guides, students from Sarojini Madhusudan Kushe High School & College actively participated in the abhiyan.

Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-023 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-024 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-025 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-026 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-027 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-001 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-002 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-003 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-004 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-005 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-006 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-007

The work taken up on 1 November at the Taluk Panchayat office in Hampankatta, which was incomplete due to paucity of time, was completed. Volunteers under the leadership of Sri Dilraj Alva & Prof. Mahesh K B removed 3 tippers worth of garbage dumped at the Taluk Panchayat office in Hampankatta with the help of a JCB excavator. The newly laid interlock tiles neat Town hall on the road leading to Mangalore Central Station were fixed using cement and sand.

The sign board on the 1st and 2nd Cross at Attavara and S L Mathais Road, which were completely worn out, were repainted, thus giving a new look for the convenience of the public.

Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-008 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-009 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-010 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-011 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-012 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-013 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-014 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-015 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-016 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-017 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-018 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-019 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-020 Ramakrishna-Mission-26th-Swachh-Mangaluru-Abhiyan-021

The area around Attavara Katte, opp. Big Bazar was thoroughly cleaned by the volunteers and students of S M Kushe School under the leadership of Shubhoday Alva and Nakre Surendra Shetty. The teaching staff of S M Kushe High School, by actively involving themselves in the cleaning drive, motivated their students and taught them a lesson never to be forgotten in their lives with their practical demonstration. The active involvement of the young and old alike in the drive was a sight for the onlookers to see, with many of them joining hands in the drive. K K Upadhyaya, Principal of SM Kushe High School and Prathim Kumar supported the drive with their involvement.

Volunteers also distributed the Swachh Mangaluru Awareness pamphlets among the residents and public of Attavara area.

Mahesh K B, Prof. Sheshappa Ameen, Vittaldas Prabhu, Umanath Kotekar, Suresh Shetty and other eminent people participated in the drive.

MRPL, the principal patron of the event, sponsored the drive.

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