Mangaluru: Rangamandira Will Be Built And Rudrabhoomi Developed At Kadri – MLA J R Lobo

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Mangaluru: MLA J R Lobo visited the Kadri Grounds and Rudrabhoomi and inspected the development work taken up by the Mangalore City Corporation, here on August 8.

After inspecting both sites, he addressed the mediapersons and said that a Rangamandira will be built at a cost of Rs 31 lakh. “Toilets will be built in two floors above the Rangamandira and one floor  will be utilized by school children. We have only a few grounds for children in the city to play. It is the need of the hour to develop the existing grounds. Local corporator Ashok has taken  special interest to develop the Kadri ground. CSR funds will be utilized to build the toilets,” he said.

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He further said that the Kadri Rudhrabhoomi will also be developed. Shri Krishna Janmastami samiti, Mosaru Kudike Samiti and other donors have contributed for the development of the crematorium.

The Rudrabhoomi is in a  pathetic condition, he said. There are many issues and basic facilities should be developed. Many have donated funds to develop the Rudrabhoomi but it has not been maintained well. He said, “To develop the basic facilities the government has sanctioned Rs 70 lakh but it is not enough. So we are also involving the local donors. We will also form a committee involving local donors, various organizations and the temple authority. We will prepare a blue print of the Rudrabhoomi and will discuss the issue and make a decision on investing the funds from the locals and government.”

He also said that the road in the locality is also in a pathetic condition, there is a need to widen the road. To widen the road, more land is required and the TDR  funds will be utilized for this. “If we widen the road to 12 feet, the crematorium will be developed. There is one acre of land adjacent to the Rudrabhoomi  which will  have to be utilized in a proper manner. We have developed the Shaktinagar  crematorium in a unique way. We will take initiative to develop all the crematoriums.”

Mangalore City Corporation Mayor Jacintha Alfred, Superintendent Shivshanker, corporators Ashok and Sashidhar Hegde, Balanna Shetty, Mohan Gopal, Dinesh Devadiga, Architect Dharmaraj and others were also present.

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