Mangaluru: Rock Band ‘Avalanche Brakedown’ – Here They Are to ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’!

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Mangaluru: Calling all hard rock music buffs, if songs like “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Rhythm of Love” by Scorpions; ” Cocaine” by Eric Clapton; ” Bed of Roses’ by Bon Jovi; “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd; “Knocking On Heaven’s Doors” by Guns-n-Roses; “So Far, So Good..So What” by Megadeth; etc etc are your favorites, then band “Avalnache Brakedown” got you covered, because they play all these hits and many more rock/hard rock numbers at every gig they perform.


A group of six young and dynamic boys together comprise “THE AVALANCHE BRAKEDOWN”, a HARD ROCK outfit based in Mangaluru, basically suited to entertain literally any crowd for that matter. Formed in 2014 , in the late march , the band initially started off as a five man band-Towards September 2014, came in the additional feather, the keyboardist, to add an additional touch of finesse to the tone the band had initially set and to assemble a six man line up!! With their great performance and style of reaching to the audience, they have really “made a difference” with their music, thereby promoting their music and connecting with their friends and fans.

“Avalanche Brakedown” has been a much appreciated live act throughout the gig circuit in and around DK and beyond.The band members have colourful embodiment of talents that spreads positivity around them. Their performances and their music has brought a sense of freshness which grabs the listener with a new found energy. Their unique western rock/hard rock influences has brought them firmly into the spotlight of mainstream. Their music is full of life and you will always enjoy listening to them. Of all the rock bands that are playing in and around Mangaluru at the moment, I can definitely say that one of the most promising are the Six-piece outfit- “Avalanche Brakedown”.

Constantly gigging and gaining a reputation as one of the most hard-working rock bands in the city, they create a sound which is reliant on the energy and honesty of yesteryear rock and metal songs and present hits. Music is one thing which transcends beyond all limits, borders and constrictions we put ourselves into. It, in true terms, touches your mind body and soul effortlessly. And there is nothing more soothing and touching than one’s own roots. We have music of all sorts like Rock, Pop, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Country, Alternative, Jazz etc- and then we have the Hard Rock music where the members of ‘Avalanche Brakedown’ are hooked on to. The band has won the hearts of hundreds of the young crowd that had gathered to watch them play live. I too was so much impressed with their music talents, that I wanted to do a interview with the band members after I heard them play live at G6 Music Cafe last weekend. They simply rocked the house!

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Some might say that they should grab the chance right now while it exists, however it is not something that overly concerns the band. They are continually growing in stature and the odds are that such interest is just a taste of what is to come. The band wants to concentrate on their live performances. This is evident when watching them, as it is here where they shine. It seems as if the stage is a place for emotional release, where they can perform without concern or compromise. The musical chemistry between the band musicians is clearly evident. They are all equally competent and fill the role extremely well.

The main motto of the band is to render the best music that they can provide, to please the crowd, keep their reputation and anticipate good remarks from their audience. Hard work, ignore what anyone else is doing how well or badly they are. Focus on what they are doing-perform at big gigs, network and make friends. Learn music trade through time and patience, and when they have done the best job someone will notice.

Like everything the music industry is one where you need thrown in at the deep end to learn how to swim. Most swim enough to make it to the shallow end then the changing rooms. The band “Avalanche Brakedown” has reached to greater heights through their intensive practices, thoughtful lyrics, and mesmerizing the crowd with their impeccable performances. “It’s never the same. You need to learn how to be at the hottest level possible EVERY time you play in front of the audience– there’s no buildup, you have to rule immediately and capture the audience, with an insane amount of music thrown at them. It’s a very interesting job and we are thankful to be together in this “Band” playing with the best musicians we have ever known- and that’s us !” said the band boys beaming with pride, who consider themselves the “Best Rock Band among the Rest” in the city. I think I should simply agree with them, no doubt about it!

The members of the band include:

Ashwin Xavier Sequeira – Drummer / Percussionist


Ashwin Xavier Sequeira who plays drums and other auxiliary percussion for the band, is considered by many to be one of the most experienced and versatile drummers in town. His constantly growing kit and impeccable timing of the kick and the snare leaves the crowd mesmerized.

Rolan-Bass Guitar:


Rolan is known for his thick bass tones, driving grooves and commendable stage presence adds a thick tone to the band. Rolan had been with the band since its inception. He has left for greener prospects. The band certainly misses him and his contributions .

Floid Craig Pereira – Bass Guitar:


Floid Craig Pereira, a perfect replacement to Rolan, is an experienced bassist in town. His approach on the bass is technically strong with the grooviest bass-lines and immense feel. His appearance in the band certainly adds on to the tone of the band.

Jackson Noronha – Keyboard / Synth / Backing Vocals:


Jackson Noronha-a sensational pianist was called over by the band in late September 2014 to add finesse to the tone of AB. Jack’s Magical fingers boosts the entire feel of the music being rendered by the band and adding a bit of classic touch to it. Jackson’s harmonizing ability gives the band a complete and a fine finish.

Dylon Dsouza – Riff Master / Rhythm Guitar:


Dylon Dsouza, the Riff master of the band, with his ESP LTD guitar and insane soloing skills makes the crowd gape with awe. His skills on guitar shredding, alternate picking, tapping adds an additional touch of the rockish feel to the band, the heavier way.

Clyde Lobo – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals:


Clyde Lobo, the lead guitarist of the band is an amazing guitarist with utmost feel. His Mark Knopler style of finger picking techniques, Marty Friedman style of soloing adds a professional touch to the tone set by AB. He also serves as a backing vocalist of the band.

Renston Fernandes – Frontman / Lead Vocals:


Lastly, the front-man Renston Fernandes, the lead vocalist of the band. A solid vocalist with a mid-high gravel compressed voice boosts the energy of the band and the crowd, The Rockers Way, with an amazing skill of HEADBANGING!! He is the primary song-writer for the band and well known to entertain literally any crowd n can Rock ’em like a hurricane.


The band has won 10 battle of bands titles within a year. The band also represented Mangaluru on a national platform in IIT Madras, during the cultural fest SAARANG, and stood 6th amidst 40 teams. The band also had three Headlining acts in 3 different engineering colleges: Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management – On account of Mechmania – 2014; NMAMIT , NITTE – Global alumni Meet– 2014; and Karavali Institute of Technology – 2015. The bands influences basically lie in technical music.

The band’s interest lie in International Rock/Hard Rock groups like Motherjane, Scorpions, Toto, Pink Floyd, Avial, Wolfmother, Megadeth, The Eagles, Dream Theater, Guns n Roses and many others. The band’s single “Kill My Pain” that has won basically many a hearts was being written to fight against inner conscience, some freaky nightmares that usually demotivates one’s self image in time of agony. There are hardly any words to describe, Avalanche Brakedown! You simply need to watch them perform and enjoy their music. Since their inception, “Avalanche Brakedown” has been established as one of the upcoming thrilling, innovative and original acts on the local Hard Rock rock scene, with the unique reputation of enthralling audiences in any kind of setting-from music festivals, College Fests to pub gigs.

Following are the excerpts from the exclusive interview with the band members:

Q : Can you tell us about the formation/reformation of the group? What made you and how did you all got-together?

Initially, in the early January 2014, Renston and Clyde met at a random wedding gig, wherein they decided to sit back and try something challenging! The challenge was to get into the rock/metal genre and to instill a new line up! That’s when Renston’s friends Rolan and Dylon were called in to fill up the bass and the riff duties! Followed by Ashwin who was a mutual friend of all the members to fill in the drum duties! Later in Sept 2014, the band called over, the then keyboardist of Thermal Shock wave to add finesse to the band with his amazing keyboard skills!

Recently, Sept 5th 2015, the band had to bid adieu to Rolan, the bassist of the band, as he had fetched greener grass! The band welcomed Floid Craig Pereira, known to be one among the best and the versatile bassists in town! We surely believe to have a tight rock line up in town with Floid as the bassist par excellence!

Q : What do you feel about the music industry today?

Basically, we being located in Mangaluru, the only place that serves the purpose of supporting rock is the G6 music cafe! We have loads of rock lovers who turn up for most of our gigs in order to support us! People need to come out of their comfort zone to look into what we as rockers are into! Sadly, wedding music and the Konkani music industry are being prioritized! No offence to any genre, but we still feel there’s an ardent need for people to support the rock scenes! Besides, the best part about our industry is it’s corruption free….noble people like us keep this industry clean!! ( know what we are sayin’??)

Q : Are you all planning to be a full fledged band or just a fun ?

We’re planning to be a full fledged band whilst having fun in every thing we do! Irrespective of what the situation is , we usually enjoy everything we do as a band!

Q : Do you think singer/songwriters are the best of their own work or do you believe some cover versions can be better then the original?

As a band, originality is what any band would be focusing on! Yes, we have covered music of various artists viz, Motherjane, Megadeth, Scorpions, Wolf-Mother, Seether, Pink Floyd, Avial, etc but when it comes to originality we believe that’s the driving force that identifies our band! In short, the identification to the tone of a band is the originality of their music!


Q : As you are starting out your career in the music industry what are the steps do you plan on taking to reach your goal?

Well, we haven’t set any benchmarks as of now! We follow our heart! Well, we just focus on giving our best through our music! Writing songs, developing riffs etc are a part and parcel of every band! And we just focus on giving our best! Yes , we would wanna see ourselves in the future as a good band in the country!

Q : What courses/classes would you recommend someone to if they want to be a successful musician in the music field?

We believe interest is the best course to take up! If a person is interested in anything, he needs to be determined to acquire what interests him! There’s no need of any formal training by a tutor or a teacher! One needs to have an interest to learn! Taking all of us into consideration, we are all SELF-TAUGHT! One could take help from a teacher, but, if u learn concepts on your own, there’s satisfaction in it! The key towards self teaching is: patience, determination, interest, and perseverance!

Q : How many years did it take for you guys to finally set-up with your band?

We formed our band in the march of 2014, as a 5- man band! The band felt a need for something that could add melody to the tone of the band! That was when, we called in Jackson! The bands tone took a step high to what we are now! The addition of Jack to the family took place in September for a battle of the bands, wherein we won the battle and got an opportunity to represent Mangaluru on a national platform in IIT Madras, amidst 40 bands nation wide! That’s when we felt the band was set! Approximately 6 months!


Q : From your experience so far, have you found to be most challenging? And how are you dealing with it?

I’m sure musically speaking, all of us had challenges! It wasn’t easy for all of us to directly enter into the rock genre! It isn’t still! There are loads of hurdles to be jumped across! For instance, we are still students and time management for classes and jam sessions is a tedious task! But since we are like minded, things make it brighter!

The most challenging part was to make people understand what we wanna portray with our music! Most people understood the motive of our music, while some, I guess need time to!

Q : Share with us your proudest moment in your music career or a gig so far?

Well, each and every gig or a Battle of the bands competition has been memorable! We remember every gig we’ve played till date! But the one I’m sure all of us will cherish is the battle of bands in IIT Madras! Woah, boy the feeling! Representing Mangaluru on a national platform, was a great feeling! We stood 6th amidst 40 line ups nation wide!


Q : What aspirations do you all look forward for your band/group?

We certainly look forward to perform along side bands of high repute, and spread our music nation wide! That certainly would be an aspiration for the band!

Q : What kind of music influences your song writing? Are there any artists that inspire you?

We believe in being versatile! We follow several artists and love all of them profoundly. Be it Eric Clapton, Mark Knopler, BB King, Bob Marley, Jason Marz, The Eagles, etc in the softer/sober side or Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Seether, Wolfmother, Motherjane, Dream Theater, Scorpions, etc in the harder side. We admire them all and they all have influenced us in one way or the other! Either in guitar riffs, keyboard melodies, vocals, the influences have been of great assistance!


Q : Are you planning on releasing any music CD of your own shortly? What’s next stored for you guys? Any upcoming events?

We are working on our originals. The band’s single Kill My Pain, has won several hearts in Mangaluru! There are several more that have been composed! We certainly are in the hope of releasing our album shortly! The dates will be notified on our page! Upcoming event so far is on Oct 17th 2015 at the G6 music cafe! We’ll be live and loud as usual! Be there to witness a power packed performance!

Q: What’s your advice for budding musicians who want to reach greater heights?

Our advice would be “remain humble to the world and to yourself! Focus on your music and nothing else.”

Mark the day on your Calender – October 17, 2015 – “Avalanche Brakedown” will perform live and loud as usual, at G6 Music Cafe – It’s alive! So be there to witness a Power Packed Performance by these young six dudes! They will simply “Rock You Like a Hurricane”

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  1. you guys do rock like a hurricane !!!! wishing all the very best to AB. Looking forward to many more amazing compositions like” KILL MY PAIN “. Keep rocking..

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