Mangaluru: Rosario Cathedral Celebrates Senior Citizens’ Day

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Mangaluru: The Senior Citizens’ Day or the Day of Elders was celebrated at the Rosario Cathedral here on November 8.

The day began with the Holy Eucharistic celebration. Most of the elders of the parish attended the mass. Parish priest of Rosario Cathedral, Fr J B Crasta presided over the Eucharistic celebration and delivered the homily.

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Rector of ‘Gladsome Home’, Fr Gratian Alvares concelebrated the mass. The students of Sunday Catechism animated the liturgy and offered prayers for the elders.

After the mass, a get-together was arranged for the elders at the Rosario Cultural Hall. Joe Gonsalves (the Chief Traffic Warden of Mangalore City), Dr Edward Nazareth (professor and head of the Ortho department at Fr Muller Medical College) and Mable Kant (a senior citizen of Rosario parish) were the chief guests and resource persons. Dr Nazareth briefed on health tips for the senior citizens. He shared how to take care of one’s health in old age, how to take preventive measures and how to treat and accept sickness. He also explained to the elders that they have to face the day-to-day illnesses related to their age and maintain a good normal life.

Joe Gonsalves, who is 94 years old, demonstrated a few important physical exercises to the elders. His demonstrations inspired the participants. Mable Kant appreciated the programme and congratulated the organizers.

The president of the function, Fr J B Crasta said that the elders have left us many beautiful memories and traditions and we, must pass it on to the next generation. Elders have lots of experiences and we need to take their advice to lead a happy life in the society. He also said that we must all respect and honour our parents and elders. The elders of our parish have contributed a lot for the good of the church, he added.

The parish priest also appreciated the organizers, especially Sebastian and Pricilla Noronha, for their initiative in personally inviting each and every elder of the parish for the function.

The whole function was organized jointly by the members of the Catholic Sabha and the SVP of the Rosario Cathedral. The presidents and secretaries of both the associations were present. The elders were given a memento on the occasion. Alwyn Tauro introduced the speakers. C J Simon welcomed the gathering and Pricilla Noronha delivered the vote of thanks. Lawrence Tellies compered the programme. Fr Paul Sebastian D’Souza said grace before the meal.

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