Mangaluru: Rotary Club-Bajpe Celebrate the Birth of their Dream Child ‘Rotary Bhavana’ with Joy and Fervour

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Mangaluru: Members, their family members, donors, well-wishers and friends of Rtn PHF Robert Franklin Rego and Rotary Club-Bajpe, all came with enthusiasm to join the celebration of the birth/inauguration of the dream project of the Club, “Rotary Bhavana” on Sunday, 15 March 2015, at Swamilapadav-Bajpe-Kateel Road at 12 noon. One of the active club among the 34,282 Rotary Clubs in the World, Rotary Club of Bajpe – established in the year 2004, and presently with a membership strength of 23  has been growing gradually  and has become an instrument of social change in Bajpe – Rotary’s name has become synonymous with action towards the betterment of  society as a whole.

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Among the many projects undertaken by this Club since it started, one of the main project kicked off during their tenth anniversary last year was to construct “Rotary Bhavana”- and the foundation stone that was laid for this project on 5 March 2014, has been completed in a record time of one year-with its inauguration taking place on 15 March 2015. The unveiling of the plaque and ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the inauguration of “Rotary Bhavana” was done by Rtn Dr Bhaskar S- Governor of Rotary District 3180 Zone 3, along with other dignitaries namely PDG Rtn Suryaprakash Bhat, AG Nagendra, and many other senior Rotarians.

The formal function began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song, followed by welcome address and introduction of dignitaries on the dais by Rtn Robert Franklin Rego-the dynamic president of the Rotary Club-Bajpe. Addressing the august gathering, Rtn Rego said, ” Since I had joined this prestigious Club in September 2009, I had committed myself to take active part in all the projects of this Club. Destiny made me to take up the mantle of the president of this Club for the second time due to the fact that Rotary Bhavana was going to be built, on  a land generously donated by our former club president Rtn PHF Sukumar Salian. Our dream has come true, the ‘Bhavana’ has been completed in due time, and this building can be used for various purposes from having our meetings, and other occasions”.

Talking further on Swachh Bharath campaign launched by PM Modi, Rtn Rego said, ” It is the duty of all of us to see that our surroundings are clean. We are capable of many things, but why not also practice to keep our city and country clean. In India, we have so many good things we need to appreciate. Why are we not proud of ourselves as Indians? Where is our national pride? Where is our confidence? It is my Bajpe, do we love and care about Bajpe? Let these feelings light up well in our hearts and mind, and surely this will lead us to be patriotic whether it is blind or with eyes wide opened. As our International president’s motto is ” Light Up Rotary”, as Rotarians let us light up the community through our services and care, and let us bring a change and make a difference in the society”.

Rotary governor Rtn Dr Bhaskar S addressing the audience said, ” For members,Rotary is like a ocean where one can surf superficially by paying dues and attending club meetings. But in the same time, members can go deep into the various opportunities like in the field of social service, leadership. internationalism and business networking. Let us follow our motto this year “Light Up Rotary” to the greatest extent , and let us help others to do away the darkness and difficulties in their lives through our Rotary clubs. Let us also brighten up our organization by inviting prospective youth and lady leaders in the community around us to become members.”

It was indeed a surprise and also a pleasure for me to meet my college-mate at St Aloysius College-Mangaluru after nearly three decades, the Chief guest of today’s function PDG Rtn Suryaprakash Bhat, a tax consultant by profession. Being a good speaker during his college days, Rtn Bhat is still a good speaker now, and he proved it while addressing the crowd through his witty and informative speech. He said, ” It feels great to be among all the dedicated and sincere Rotarians that have gathered here who have done so much for their neighborhood and community . Like our Rotary Founder’s words, ” Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves”- and as a PDG of this prestigious Rotary Club-Bajpe I compliment and feel proud this ‘baby’ has come a long way, and have won the hearts of the society through their unique and great projects. You all surely ‘Light Up Rotary’- a job well done”.

Continuing further Rtn Bhat said, ” It’s indeed sad to note that these days we hear about many suicides committed by school and college students, even IT professionals. Me and my friend Alfie D’Souza were also college students, but we never took an extreme step to end our lives, just because there were some hurdles during our college lives. We live a simple life, concentrated on our studies and other co-curricular activities. These days the young generation live beyond their means-they live a lavish life, spend most of their time at malls, chatting on mobile phones/laptops, spend lavishly etc–and finally they are broke and desperate-and decide to end their lives. As Rotarians, if we come across such kind of desperate youth we need to convince them, counsel them and try to bring them back to the right track”.


“It’s nice to note that Rtn Robert Franklin Rego , after so many of service in Abu Dhabi has come back to his home town, to contribute his service to the development of the community and betterment of the society through his hard work, dedication and commitment. So also my friend at College, Alfie D’Souza after working for nearly 23 years in the USA, has decided to come back to his homeland, and utilizes his talents of journalism/photography through website, thereby spreading the good word of the activities conducted by organizations, like Rotary. That’ s what we call simplicity and dedication. People like these make a difference in society. We too can make a difference-let Rotary light up the society through our services and love”.

Guest of honor AG Nagendra also spoke on Rotary and its services to the community. A few dedicated people who had played an important role in the ‘Rotary Bhavana’ and other Club activities were felicitated during the occasion, namely : Ligoury Pinto – the building contractor who was appreciated for completing the project in time ( Liguory was also flanked by his son, Vandan during the felicitation ceremony; President of Rotary Club-Bajpe Rtn Robert Franklin Rego- for his sincere, hard work and dedication towards this project and all other Club related projects; Br Hector- Principal of St Joseph’s PU College-Bajpe for allowing to use their college auditorium for club meetings since the inception of club in 2003; Rtn Sukumar Salian and his wife Yashoda Salian- for donating 4 cents of land for the construction of ‘Rotary Bhavana’; and Rtn Ravi Poojary- a new member of Bajpe Rotary Club, a welder by profession for his fast work in completing the interior/exterior steel work of the Bhavana.

Various Rotarians, including the media persons who had attended the function were recognized by presenting them with a rose by the Club president – that was indeed a kind thought and appreciation shown by the hosts, because not many people do that. The vote of thanks was proposed by Club secretary Rtn Chandrashekhar S Poojary, while the programme was professionally compered by  Rtn Gopinath Hegde.

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