Mangaluru: Row over Town Hall Renovation – Opposition Stages Protest during MCC General Meeting

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Mangaluru: The MCC general meeting was held at the Mangala Hall, MCC premises here on June 29.

Opposition party members staged a protest inside the meeting hall for about half hour for not starting the town hall renovation work. The council members of the opposition said that the District Minister In-charge B Ramanath Rai during the last meeting had instructed the president of Nirmithi Kendra to complete the town hall renovation work within four months but so far the renovation work has not been started. We will not allow the council meeting to continue.

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Later Mayor Jacintha Alfred assured of completing the town hall renovation work within four months. After getting assurance from the Mayor the opposition Councillors allowed the mayor to start the meeting.

The next agenda was the solid waste management. Most of the corporators complained that the Antony Waste management is not carrying out their duty properly. Instead of transporting the collected waste, they transport mud from the drains and dump it in the waste dumping yard. This should be investigated because the employees of Antony waste management do not follow the procedures agreed and signed in the contract for waste disposal.

Corporator Naveen suggested to see the CCTV footage at Pacchanady, because the Antony waste management is carrying only mud, removed from the drains and unloading it at Pacchanady. Their payment should be stopped, he said.

The President of the finance committee Harinath said, “We have made a mistake by signing the contract for 7 years with Antony waste management. Most of the council members put various allegations on Antony Waste Management and said that the earlier system was good. In the MCC premises there is a private Xerox machine being operated for which we are paying Rs 6 lakh per year and now again we have got their quotation for renewal”.

Engineer Madhu briefed on the payments and the activities carried out by the Antony Waste Management.

Corporator Vinay Raj alleged that the Antony Waste management is not collecting waste properly. The government has signed the contract with Antony Waste Management. It is the duty of the company to do the segregation of waste. He also alleged that the employees of AWM are collecting the waste only from residential apartments and not from commercial buildings.

Corporator Dayanand alleged that the Assistant Executive Engineer Anil Kumar is not available in his office. In the city the manholes in some places are damaged and are dangerous for road users. To undertake UGD work we need AEE, but he is not available since many days. Sometimes he comes to the office after 5:30 pm. He demanded to appoint a temporary AEE to carry out the UGD work.

In response Mayor Jacintha said that Anil Kumar is not keeping well and he is under treatment. The municipality Water supply problem was also discussed in the meeting. Assistant commissioner Gokuldas, deputy Mayor Purushotham and others were also present.

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