Mangaluru: Samyuktha Muslim Jamath Demands Justice in 4-year-old Child’s Sexual Assault Case

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Mangaluru: DK District Samyuktha Muslim Jamath held a press meet on the atrocities on women and the recent sexual assault on a 4-year-old girl by a van driver, at Samathalaya, Bunder here on March 15.

Addressing the mediapersons, former mayor Ashraf said that on March 13, a 4-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by her van driver. “When the mother went to the school with the child, the school authorities denied the allegation. Later the child was admitted to Sahara hospital where after administering first aid, she was shifted to Lady Goschen hospital for further treatment. But the school authorities nor the management have shown any concern towards the child. The school administration even threatened the victims mother to not go against the school and defame it.”

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Ashraf further said that the state government should intervene and investigate the case and the culprit should be severely punished. “The Chief Minister should take strict action against the school administration and cancel the licence. The school administration should also be held responsible for sexual assault on girls in the school or in the school vehicle.”

He also blamed the Ullal police and the district administration for attempting to protect the culprit in the beginning. The police later took all measures to do justice with the victim. Ashraf also put forth some demands to the state government and said that the culprit should be severely punished. “The licence of the school should be revoked with immediate effect.” He also said, “We did not get any medical report yet, but in some media it has been mentioned that the reports are positive. The victim’s family should be compensated.”

While concluding Ashraf said that the state government should take stringent action on the school and the accused should be punished severely. “If the administration will not take action we will intensify our protest.”

Addressing the mediapersons, the victim’s mother said, “On March 13, my daughter reached home at 1:00 pm. When she went to the toilet at 3 pm, she cried with pain. At that time, I saw a wound near her private part and it was bleeding. When I asked my daughter she cried and said that uncle assaulted her. I took my daughter to the school and informed about the assault. The school denied the allegation and they also threatened me to not inform the police and bring disrepute to the school. We had admitted our daughter to Mangalore One school for better education but now my daughter is the victim of a sexual assault by the school van driver. When the school is providing transport, it should appoint a nanny in the van to assist the children. On that day, the van driver sexually assaulted my daughter in the van; even the windows of the van are covered with curtains. When I went to the school with my daughter, the school administration noticed that the driver was drunk. Everyday at 8:30 am, my daughter goes to school. While returning home, Madhukar drops her back at 1:00 pm.”

She also said, “I want my daughter to get justice. The culprit should be punished severely. If children will be sexually assaulted by the van drivers, how can we send our children to school?  How do we believe that our children are safe in school?” She demanded justice for her daughter.

When asked about the screens put on the windows in the vehicle which is against the traffic rule, the child’s mother said, “We did not complain about the screens put on the windows of the vehicle. We do not want any children going to study in Mangaluru one school to be sexually harassed. We want the concerned authorities to take strict action against the culprit.”

She also said, “We have come to know that the hospital report is positive through the hospital sources, but so far we have not received any report of the medical test from the hospital or the police.”

Speaking to the mediapersons, member of the DK District Samyuktha Muslim Jamath, Advocate Muzaffar Ahmed said, “We have nothing to lose. The school authorities did not show humanity towards the victim. We need transparency because the child was shifted to the government hospital from the back door of the Sahara Hospital where she was first admitted. Police also resorted lathi charge for no reason. Let the district administration take action against the school authorities for their negligence.” He also demanded justice to the victim.

Aziz Madoor, Hameed Kudroli, C M Mustafa, Haneef Haji, Haneef Uchil, Zarina Madoor, Mohammed Rafiq and Moideen Madoor were also present.

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