Mangaluru: SAPGD Holds workshop on ‘Issues and reforms in the field of Health Economics’

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Mangaluru: It was for the first time that two diverse fields health and economics came together in a unique synergy. The occasion was the national workshop on the theme ‘Issues and reforms in the field of Health Economics’. The one day workshop conducted by the Post Graduate Department of Economics of St Aloysius College was held in order to acknowledge the students about the recent trends, issues and reforms in the field of Health Economics.

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Prof (Dr) B M Hegde, former  Vice Chancellor of the Manipal University and a Padma Bhushan awardee delivered his key note address to the gathering after inaugurating the ceremony along with U T Khadar, the Health Minister of Karnataka state; Fr Swebert D’Silva, Principal of St. Aloysius College; Dr P P Sajimon, Convenor and HOD of Department of Economics;  Fr Walter Andrade, Finance Officer of the college.

Dr Hegde spoke about how people can save money by not spending on illnesses by having better drinking water, hygienic mid-day meals, economic empowerment of women, cleaner toilet facilities and a roof overhead. He observed that 10% illness can be cured if the sanitary cleanliness can be maintained and providing people with portable water can reduce diseases by 60%.

Dr Hegde also gave some examples where the healthcare success lies in the sustainable development (keeping environment clean) which decides how much the population can afford to pay for healthcare.

U T Khadar spoke about how health must be maintained in order to achieve a better standard of living. He said that if the situation arises where instead of building more hospitals, there are fewer hospitals established only then the healthcare potential can be boasted about. He also spoke about a mobile app which can be used to compare the rate list of all hospitals.

Sessions conducted included a talk on Health Sector Reforms by Prof Dr Mani K P, Director of Dr John Mathai Centre Campus; a presentation on Financing of health by Prof Dr D Narayana, Former Director of Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation; and Dr Hari Kurup, the State Co-ordinator of Costing Study of the Government of Kerala spoke on Consumer Choice and Providers Strategy in Healthcare.

Dr P P Sajimon introduced to the gathering on how the economics can be introduced in health sector to achieve maximum progress. He said that the amalgamation of the science and the art can bring out better results in the healthcare field.

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