Mangaluru: Saudi Riyals worth Rs 3.5 lakh Seized from Dubai-bound Passenger at Airport

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Mangaluru: The Customs officers at the International Airport seized foreign currency notes amounting to a total Saudi Arabian Riyals 20,000 in various denominations, equivalent to Rs 3,52,000/- (Rupees Three Iakh Fifty Two Thousand only), here on June 17.


Jafar Sadique Chala Mohammed Kunhi, hailing from Vidyanagar, Kasargod, who was flying to Dubai from the International airport, was found possessing Saudi Arabian Riyals 20,000 in various denominations.

Jafar was not in possession of any valid money exchange documents for the same and attempted to smuggle the amount out of India at the time of his departure from Mangaluru International Airport on June 17, night by Jet Airways Flight No 9W532 to Dubai.

Further investigation is under progress.

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