Mangaluru: SDPI District Prez Nawaz Ullal Assaulted by Rickshaw-drivers

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Mangaluru: Nawaz Ullal, the president of the DK district unit of Social Democratic Party of India, was allegedly assaulted by a group of men near the central railway station here on Saturday evening.

The attack was prompted by a petty incident. Nawaz was driving his Alto car towards a hospital to visit a friend there. His car is said to hit a rickshaw near the Rao and Rao circle and an altercation ensued.

Thereafter when Nawaz, in company with party’s state committee member Jaleel Krishnapura, was driving towards the railway station, more than ten rickshaw-drivers are said to have followed his car and stopped it.

They abused him in filthy language and assaulted him. Besides, they reportedly gave a threat to his life.

Nawaz has sustained severe injuries in the nose and he has been admitted to Highland hospital in Falnir. Based on a complaint received from him, the police arrested Sudhakar, Ranjit, Habib and Nagesh. They are trying to identify the others.

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