Mangaluru: She’s the Best! PUCL wants MCC Commissioner Korlapati to Stay for Full Term

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Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangalore Press Club, president of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), David D’Souza said, ” We have already started distributing a pamphlet drafted by our VP, C D’Souza to the citizens, appealing to support and retain the present MCC Commissioner, Hephsiba Rani Korlapati for a full term. She has already shown her capacity to control corruption and mismanagement in the MCC. We are also urging the Chief Minister and other cabinet ministers to retain commissioner Korlapati for a full term”.

He furthers said, ” I can firmly say that our present MCC commissioner is for the people, and we should be glad that we have such a commissioner. We should support her and also request her not to give up her post because some corrupt officials are trying to get her transfer. She is a straight forward person and wants to to clean the administration and weed out corrupt officials and extensive corruption in the MCC. But it looks like the elected corporators are not adhering to her rules and regulations for a better administration and hence demanding her transfer and creating problems in discharging her efficient duties. Our corrupt and lazy MCC officials don’t want an efficient and dynamic commissioner, who can work for the betterment of the City and citizens. Seems like MCC wants only corrupt officials with money making ideas trying to swindle and harass the public in order to get their share of commission. We need to support our beloved commissioner so that we can have a clean and corrupt free MCC”.

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In connection with yet another issue, David D’Souza also briefed the reporters about the post mortem report of Everest Pereira, stating that his death was not accidental but a murder. D’Souza also showed the reporters a fabricated marriage certificate produced by a local advocate showing that Everest Pereira and Gladys Pereira got married in a church in France. But the Consulate General of France-Mumbai has clearly stated that religious marriages have no legal validity in France. Also in case the marriage certificate was issued in France, it should have been in French, and not in English as faked by this Mangalorean advocate.

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He also said that a registrar of Vigilance of Karnataka High Court is involved in a number of unethical and unprofessional practices, which is bringing series of disrepute to the judiciary. This registrar happens to be a close associate of this Mangalorean advocate, operating a legal firm in partnership. Even after several complaints were filed at the Bunder police station on this local advocate, but in spite of this the advocate has not been arrested, though all records show the accusing finger at him. It is indeed wrong on the part of the registrar to accept the case of this advocate for investigation, he being his close friend and who regularly visits the advocate in Mangaluru.

D’Souza further said, “In the interest of reputation of the judiciary, we have requested the Chief Justice of India-New Delhi, and also Chief Justice of Karnataka-Bengaluru to investigate into the issues involved in this forgery thoroughly as besides, forgery, murder of Everest Pereira and misappropriations of his properties worth more than Rs 10 crore is also involved. Though a number of people like Fr Ronald D’Souza, Miss Gladys Almeida, Edwin Pereira (Everest’s brother) are involved actively in this case, the main conspirator appears to be this Mangalorean advocate, who produced the fake decree to Additional Civil Judge’s Court in 2007”.

“This advocate has also fabricated a fake marriage certificate and produced it to the court to show that Everest Pereira and Gladys got married in France on 29/8/1998, even when Everest’s marriage to Carmaline (Ann-F)was subsisting. To prove that the said certificate was fabricated we have a copy of the letter dated 22/10/2010 received by us from Consulate General De France-Mumbai which clearly says that marriage certificate in France are issued in French language (Ann-G). We have earnestly requested both the Justices to sleuth into this case thoroughly and bringing justice by punishing the registrar and the Mangalorean advocate. Hope justice will be served soon” added David D’Souza.

Casmir D’Souza-Vice President and Bertram Pinto-Secretary, both of PUCL were also present during the press meet.

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9 years ago

Good job PUCL revealing the facts. Here couple of questions:
1.Why the advocate(s) not arrested instead of Gladys Almeida.
2.Who has issued the marriage certificate to Everest Pereira and Gladys Almeida?
3.Since Everest Pereira already married in church who has issued him NOC to marry again in France?

The church authorities (if they have issued the certificates) are at fault and the advocate(s) who has(Have) forged are the ones who deserve the punishment. Once the marriage certificate is proved fake or wrongly issued by the church authorities. they should be questioned.