Mangaluru: Shiva Bagh a Favourite Target of Chain-snatchers? Another Incident Proves So…

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Mangaluru: Shiva Bagh has always remained a high-end living area and it has the been most sought-after address for buyers.

Very well being aware that affluent people live here, evil eyes appear to be roving around, keenly looking for loot. There have been many cases of theft and, more alarmingly, instances of chain-snatching.

In spite of regular media reports, women still continue wearing expensive jewellery while on casual movement involving shopping trips or walks, esp., in less crowded areas.

On Wednesday, Molly Pradeep, was taking a walk with her daughter as usual around 5-30 am on Kankanady, Balmatta and St Agnes route. As they reached Shiva Bagh I cross, a group is said to have arrived in a black car. As it slowed down, one of the occupants stretched his hand out and snatched her 12-gm mangalsutra, valued at Rs 30,000.

A case has been filed in Kadri police station.

The never-ending ‘chain’!

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