Belagavi: Shocking Tragedy! Locking themselves Inside Car,Two Kids Die of Suffocation

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Belagavi: In a very shocking and tragic incident two children lost their lives after they accidentally locked themselves inside a parked car in which they were playing. The incident occurred at Nadi-Gunji village of Khanapur taluk in Belagavi (Belgaum) on Thursday afternoon. Three children Preetam, aged 4, Prem, aged 3, and their elder sister, Pritvi, aged 5, got inside a parked car in front of their house and were playing inside the car, accidentally locked the doors, making them they stuck inside the car for hours, which resulted in the two brothers dying of suffocation due to lack of oxygen.


Their loud cry was also not audible to the parents. After a while a passerby noticed Pritvi waving for help- and quickly all three were taken out from the cart and were rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately Preetam and Prem were declared brought dead, but miraculously their sister has survived. According to hospital reports, The medical officer who conducted the postmortem of the bodies opined that the children might have died of suffocation. However, Praveen Kamble, father of the deceased children, filed a complaint with the police in which he said his children could have been murdered and has requested for an thorough investigation.

It is learnt that when the family members and neighbours were busy searching for a snake that had strayed in their lane, these three kids slowly got into the car in which they were suppose to go on a pilgrimage to Savadatti Yellamma temple soon- the kids dad had borrowed a relative’s car and parked it in front of the house. Praveen Kamble, a lorry driver, had parked the car but had forgotten to lock it. Around noon or so, these three kids had got into the car to play, locked themselves, but probably didn’t know how to unlock it-they even rolled up the car windows.

During this time, the family members and other residents were busy searching for the reptile for over an hour. It is suspected that Preetam and Prem, who had been in the car, might have suffocated to death. The condition of their sister Pritvi was turning bad. However, she succeeded in waving a cloth for help, and luckily got attention of a passerby. When they opened the car door, Preetam and Prem were seen lying unconscious in the rear seat. They were immediately rushed to Khanapur General Hospital for treatment, where doctors declared them brought dead. Luckily Pritvi has survived.

It is also learnt that the Kamble family members expressed their ire against the Police Department as they had to wait for more than two hours to register the case of death. They are also not happy with the Londa Hospital Medical Officer who conducted the postmortem of the bodies even before police had registered the case.

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