Mangaluru: Siddaramaiah Should handover IAS Officer Ravi’s Death Case to CBI – Poojary

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Mangaluru: Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary held a press meet at the DK District congress office here on March 17.

Addressing the mediapersons Poojary said, “The former DC of Kolar and a honest IAS officer D K Ravi died under mysterious circumstances. The death of the officer is yet to be confirmed whether it is a murder or suicide. I urge the Chief minister ofKarnataka to hand over this case to the CBI. Such a brave officer who has fought against the land and sand mafia, will not possibly commit suicide”.







He further said that when Ravi was transferred from Kolar people protested because he was a honest officer and such officer’s are very rare to find. Now the entire Kolar is mourning for his death. He was well know for giving justice to the poor, he was visiting the rural areas early morning at 7.30 am and remain with them even late till 9:30 pm to study and solve their problems. It is hard to believe that such a brave officer committed suicide by hanging himself.

D K Ravi was appointed by the central government and was sent to the state, it is also the duty of the central government to provide justice to the officers family. Whoever involved in this heinous crime should be punished, be it a politician or any other powerful person. The State government should become a model to the entire nation by proving that punishing the culprits whoever are involved in the crime. If Ravi’s death is not murder, whoever is indirectly responsible for his death should be punished, the case should be investigated and the persons who have given him life threat should be punished. Some of the powerful people do not allow honest persons to live on the earth. This should be stopped, whoever misuses their power should be severely punished.

We have very rare officers who fight against corruption, such officers should be protected and it is the duty of the state and the central government to protect them. The CM should be the one among crores of people who will do justice to the honest officer who lost his life for his brave and honest work.

Poojary also urged the chief minister to see that a thorough investigation is done in the IAS officer death case and culprits severely punished. The transfer of the IAS officer from Kolar should also be investigated and the responsible should be punished. Honest officers should not be transferred till their term is over, he said.

When asked about the comment made by Dinesh Amin, “Poojary is a blind man”, Poojary said,  “He has shown his standard by commenting on me, he does not have any other work, he just roams around that is why the chief minister did not fix his salary”.

Mayor Jacintha Alfred, deputy mayor Purushotham, senior congress leaders Vijay Kumar Shetty, Harikrishna Bantwal,  Arun Coelho and others were also present.

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