Mangaluru: Social Activist Vidya Dinker to receive ‘Lawrence Pinto Human Rights Award’

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Mangaluru: The Awards Selection Committee of ‘Friends of Lawry’ have unanimously selected firebrand human rights activist – Vidya Dinker, to receive the Award, this year, taking into consideration –

-The many years she has dedicated to selflessly fight for people’s rights;

– For taking on the might of the state against the displacement of locals (specially the poor), under the SEZ project;

– Her valiant fight for ecology and in defense of the hapless trees being felled in the name of development and progress;

– For standing-up bravely against the terrorism of the saffron brigade;

– Doing all this, almost single-handedly, being a woman.

Vidya Dinker

Eminent rationalist and consumer protection activist Dr Narendra Nayak had received the first Award, last year. Lawrence Pinto (in whose name the Award is instituted), lived all his life in the service of the working class and the downtrodden. ‘Friends of Lawry’, with the intention of perpetuating his memory, has instituted the – ‘Lawrence Pinto Human Rights Award’.


The Awards Ceremony will be conducted on Sun., 24th of January, at Kalaangann, at 6 p.m.. The Award will include a citation, public honour and a purse of Rs. 1 lakh. Prof. M. I. Savadatti, Scientist and former Vice Chancellor – Mangalore University, will present the Award.

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  1. “For standing-up bravely against the terrorism of the saffron brigade” – report

    How brave!! As we all know, it takes a lot of courage to do it.

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