Mangaluru: ‘Solar Credit Camp’ at Town Hall Aims Inviting 1000 Applications for Solar Roof Tops

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Mangaluru: ‘Solar Credit Camp’ was inaugurated by Lead Bank Manager, Raghav Yejamanya along with Deputy Commissioner, AB Ibrahim in the presence of MLC Ivan D’Souza and other dignitaries by switching on a solar powered bulb at the Town Hall here, on February 17.

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The camp is organised by the joint aegis of Lead banks, city administration and solar equipment suppliers and is aimed at inviting applications from consumers to set up solar panels over their roof tops with an aim of making Dakshina Kannada district a solar hub.

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Addressing the mediapersons, Ibrahim said, “We live in a relatively hot area and the heat inside our homes in Dakshina Kannada is unbearable. Installing solar panels over the rooftop will dissipate the heat absorbed by the terrace and will make the living conditions bearable. If we look at it in another way, it is a good business prospect as well; the investment will give us 15 to 18 percent returns when we sell the excess power generated to MESCOM, this is far better than any bank FD which gives us just 10 percent returns.”

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Raghav speaking on the occasion said, “12 banks have set up their stalls in the camp, of which 8 are nationalized banks, 2 private, and a regional and one co-operative. 15 MNRE approved solar equipment suppliers have also set up stalls and this will give the consumer enough options to choose from. We expect about 1000 applications from the consumers. The entire process of approval for power generation will take approximately 11 days.”

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MLC Ivan said, “I have also installed solar panels over the roof top of my house and I am earning Rs 7000 every month from MESCOM for the power units I sell them. I am a supporter of this green energy and have sanctioned Rs 8.36 lakhs from MLC fund to provide basic solar panels to 40 families of endosulfan victims. If all institutions and government offices install solar panels over their roof tops, then citizens will also have confidence in this technology. I have requested the Chief Minister to allocate special funds for this initiative.”

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Convener of Sampoorna Saura Shakti Abhiyan, N Sheena Shetty said, “We had started this Abhiyan in Perabe Gram in Puttur, with an aim of making it a complete ‘solar gram’ by March 15, but there has been some delay. The panels we use are cheap and of low power output and can be used to light up two lamps and a fan and can also be used as mobile charging units. When people can afford a TV, why can’t they invest in this green initiative and reap profits out of it.”

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