Mangaluru: Stock Up Cash! ATMs may Run Dry due to 3-Day Bank Holidays Next Week

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Mangaluru: If you are a frequent ATM user, this piece of information is just meant for you!  Just an early information for the bank customers, that Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) may run out of money next week due to the 3-day holidays, namely-April 1, Wednesday: Annual account closing, non transaction day; April 2, Thursday: Mahaveer Jayanthi; April 3, Friday: Good Friday; and for that matter, April 4, Saturday: Half Working day. People are hereby advised to conduct their bank transactions prior to these bank holidays to avoid any hassles/inconveniences later. The possibility of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) getting drained out by the weekend too is not ruled out.



It is learnt that Banks would not conduct any commercial transaction on April 1 due to annual account closing. They have postponed this annual process by a day from March 31 to facilitate payment of taxes. Also with Mahaveer Jayanthi falling on 2 April, and Christians observing Good Friday on 3 April, all banks and government offices will be closed on both these days. Next Saturday, 4 April although it is a bank working day, bit business will conducted for half a day.

It is noted that ATMs may run out of cash due to these three holidays, as banks face practical difficulty in storing additional currency notes because of the maximum cap on the amount that can be kept in an ATM. According to sources, ATMs managed through outsourced agencies may not be affected much, and that the public sector banks would keep Internet banking and ATMs active and customers could carry out their transactions online or through mobile banking.

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