Mangaluru: Strict Action will be Taken if Town Hall work not completed within 4 months – Ramanath Rai

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Mangaluru: A review meeting on various development projects was held at the Mangala auditorium, MCC premises here, on June 26.

Secretary to the Commissioner (SC), Shivaswami briefed on the the projects. In the first phase with a budget of Rs 100 crore, there were 255 development projects out of which 251 have been completed and three are under progress, they are Nandigudda – Hampankatta Footpath and Drainage work (Rs 1 crore), Bus Shelter at Pumpwell (Rs 50 lakh) and Bus Shelter development project at Pumpwell (Rs 50 lakh). Due to some technical reasons, the road development work in ward number 50 has been cancelled.

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In the second phase with a budget of Rs 100 crore, there were 110 projects of which 82 have been completed, 9 are under progress (Rs 18.57 crore) and 15 projects (Rs 44.25 crore) are under tender process. The Boloor Parapu and the Ashoknagar Sunkadakatte drainage projects have been cancelled due to technical reasons.

In the third phase with a budget of Rs 100 crore, there are 101 projects out of which 35 projects have been signed. 17 projects are pending due to the tender process. In the third phase, road concreting will be completed, but so far there has been very poor response for the tenders.

District minister in-charge B Ramanath Rai said that, tenders should be called again and the development work should be completed fast. There should not be delay in the development work.

The second issue that was discussed in the meeting was the Town Hall renovation work. Opposition council member Sudhir Shetty said that the former mayor Mahabala Marla had said that the town hall contract was given to the Nirmithi Kendra but here after they would not be given any work. “But Ramanath Rai recently in a press meet had said that the Nirmithi Kendra will continue the work and by August, they will finish the Town hall work. In this regard, the then commissioner Hephsiba had submitted a report to the state government about the mishandling of the Town hall renovation work and the need to investigate the issue. Due to the delay in renovating the hall, many people are facing problems. The Artistes do not get halls to organize their programmes. Even for government programmes, we do not have any hall. If the work will not be completed, we will intensify our protest,” he said.

In response, Rai assured that the work would be completed within 4 months. “If the concerned authorities fail to complete the work within 4 months, strict action will be taken against them. Those who are unable to follow the rules and regulations of the Mangalore City Corporation are free to leave the MCC. We will not tolerate any negligence in the development work. If the officials are honest and transparent and if they carry out the development work efficiently, all the work will be completed within the given period.” He also warned the council members and the officials not to do any development work for the sake of publicity but to do it for the betterment of the people and the city.

Rai also instructed the president of Nirmithi Kendra to complete the work within 4 months, failing which action would be taken against the concerned officers.

Mayor Jacintha Alfred, Deputy Mayor Purushotham, MLC Ivan D’Souza and Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim were also present.

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