Mangaluru: Suspicions around David D’Souza’s Death – Panambur ACP to Probe Case

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Mangaluru: Suspicions have been expressed by the family members and associates of PUCL leader David Norbert D’Souza regarding the circumstances in which he died after he visited the rural police station last week.

He had gone to the police station in connection with a family dispute between a couple. David is said to have spoken in favour of the husband, while the wife alleged that David was responsible for a rift between them.

An altercation followed and David, who was angered by the allegation, reportedly was about to assault the woman. The police intervened and took David out of the chamber. It was at this stage that he collapsed on the spot. He was taken to a hospital near Pumpwell but he died there.

While the police version says that he died in the hospital, his associates say that it was because of police excesses on him that he had died.

A memorandum was submitted to the city police commissioner soon after his death. To put all suspicions at rest, now a departmental inquiry has been ordered.

Under the rules, an official from the same police subdivision cannot conduct a probe. Hence, the charge of probe has been entrusted to Madan Gaonkar, assistant commissioner of police of Panambur subdivison.


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