Mangaluru: Temple Archak Held for Sexual Abuse of Maid and Causing Pregnancy

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Mangaluru: On Saturday, the Bajpe police have arrested Harishchandra Rao aka Appu Bhat (56), a resident of Kondemoole, on charges of sexually abusing his housemaid and causing her pregnancy.

Harishchandra Rao’s wife had committed suicide about seven months ago. Soon thereafter, he had employed the 19-year-old woman as a housemaid in his house. He began sexual assault on her under threat.


She stopped going to his house for some time. But since he threatened her that he would finish her family, she continued to work in his house. Soon she got pregnant and Rao is said to have taken her to a private nursing home to get her pregnancy terminated.

In the meantime, fearing adverse publicity and legal action, Rao is said to have taken all her family members and got them to stay in a private accommodation in Mangaluru. Her neighbours and well-wishers tracked her down and got her to file a complaint with the Bajpe police.

When the doctors asked the woman for the name of the father of child to be born, she mentioned Rao’s name. She said that she had fears of safety of her life and her family and hence had not complained. The people from her surroundings gave her courage to face the situation boldly.

The police said that after the childbirth, a DNA test would be held to verify the paternity.

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8 years ago

WOW!! Shocking!!!! Appu Bhat (56) involved in ‘impregnating’ a maid? Noooooooo!!!!! I sincerely request all the ‘brave’ journalists, ‘brave’ social activists, Rampas and geniuses from Beef Janatha Party (BJP) to immediately launch a serious campaign to fight for the rights of this innocent victim of Boko Haram/Daesh conspiracy!! Also, start returning everything from your aadhaara card to degree certificate to protest against this!!!

Mango Man
8 years ago

A series of embarrassments has rocked the church in Kerala 2010 Here is the Heart of the Priest, an autobiography by Shibu Kalaparamban, a priest, rocks the Syro-Malabar Church.The book details illicit sex,homosexuality and child abuse among the clergy. 2009 Sister Jesme, an English professor at a college in Thrissur, publishes her autobiography, Amen: An Autobiography of a Nun, which reveals the sexual anarchy and abuses inside the church. 2009 CBI arrests two priests and a nun in connection with the murder of a nun, Sister Abhaya, 17 years ago inside a convent. Abhaya was witness to the sexual activities… Read more »