Mangaluru: ‘Terror Party’ Organized by ‘Team RDX’ Stopped

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Mangaluru: Perhaps the choice of names itself was in bad taste in the backdrop recent blast in Bengaluru. Moreover, the names seemed to invite trouble too.







A group calling itself Team RDX had organized a New Year-eve celebration called ‘Terror Party’ on a grand scale in the River View resort near Morgan’s Gate on Wednesday night.

But the police, who had set up special squads to monitor the celebrations, are said to have stopped the organizers from going ahead with the party. Over a thousand merry-makers were expected to converge at the spot, said informed sources. About 150 had already gathered and about 500 were turned back by the authorities.

Interestingly, the names had nothing to do with the officials’ step. The organizers had apparently not obtained certain permissions as required under the laws.

Similarly, the police shut down the beach celebrations in Panambur at 10 pm, although organized by the district administration as part of Karavali Utsava.

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