Mangaluru: Thou Shall Not Steal! Prem D’Souza and Friends Caught Stealing Electronic Items

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Mangaluru: When you are in desperate need of money to buy alcohol and also lead a lavish life, your only choice is to steal- and that’s what these seven students did and unfortunately landed in police net for their stupid acts. According to reports from Kadri police station, seven persons including five juveniles have been caught stealing electronic items from mobile phone shops, and breaking into parked cars. Many of these incidents in the city were reported from Kulshekar and Maroli vicinity.


Police have arrested and booked cases against Prem D’Souza, aged 19, a resident of Kadri, and Sevin, also aged 19 hails from Madikeri , which police say are the main culprits and possessed large amount of stolen wealth.  Police have confiscated a laptop, cell phone, computer and other electronic gadgets worth over Rs 80,000 from them.

The police were able to nab these culprits based on a CCTV footage where these looters had broken into a parked car inside a house compound located in Kadri Kambala area on 5 March. Sleuthing into the footage, the police on questioning Prem D’Souza got the complete information, and also about other accomplices involved in that robbery, and also many other crimes. The students have revealed to the police that they all indulged in stealing, since they wanted to buy alcohol and lead a lavish life. Police are further investigating.

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