Mangaluru: Three Men Assaulted and Robbed of Rs 15,000 at Tadambail at Noon

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Mangaluru: Hyder, Shavid and Arafat of Idya near Suratkal, were assaulted and looted by a group at Tadambail on Sunday around noon.

They had arrived at Tadambail to make payments to some persons engaged in concrete ring-making by Shavid’s elder brother, Haneef.

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A group accosted them and asked them what kind of work Bearys had there, making a derogative reference to their community.

They are said to have also abused them and attacked them with wooden sticks and stones. They snatched Rs 15,000 which Shavid had on him.

A woman who was waiting for a bus and who watched the incident took objection to the assault. She too was attacked and hit. The motive for the assault is not known.

A case has been registered at the Suratkal police station.

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